Tuesday 1 September 2015

September Wish List

So its the 1st of September. Its the 9th month of 2015. I want 9 things. 

*Seriously, I am not getting into the fuss of how 3/4th of the year went by already. I had a damn good year, boy!*

1. This dress from IDontKnowWhereIFoundIt

Aimless Pinterest browsing must be banned. I am in love with this print, I mean, how ADOHRABLE!! Any clue? Any body at all?

2. This clutch

Same. Pinterest find and I can't get over it. The combination of pink and gold is real, real bad for my wallet.

3. This set from BIBA

How very beautiful! Its monsoon-fall-ish here in Bangalore and I am crushing on oodles of pinks and oranges and bright colors. Bright reminds me,

4. This lipstick from Maybelline

Eternal Rose is my most used shade. Its such a versatile shade - parties to lakshmi puja. Huge win. Restocking because I am scared the world will run out of Eternal Rose and I'll be left with no lipsticks. No ETERNAL ROSE. OMG. The horror.

5. This Pilates DVD

So these days I have been giving myself a lot of Pilates and boy, am I loving it or am I loving it? Has anybody used this DVD by Denise? I am pretty flexible now, won't twist myself into knots. Thoughts?

6. Boy, Snow, Bird

I have been coming across this book a lot these days. I want to read it now. 

Book Update BTW: Paulo Coelho fan. BIG fan. IAmBingeReadingHisBooks fan.

7. This headphone from Skullcandy

So I recently gifted this to a friend and he seems very happy with it. I want to gift it to myself now. Its available on Amazon.com, BTW.

8.  Dreamcatcher earrings

I love how freakin' pretty these are! This particular pair, I found it on Style Fiesta, I do have my eyes open for (more) other patterns.

9. This case from DailyObjects

I know I know, I am 22. Even when I am 58, I shall have a soft corner for gold and pink and glitter and all of them in combinations. 

What are you crushing on? 

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PS: None of the images belong to me, there are from Pinterest/respective websites. I don't claim any ownership. 


  1. Crushing on some colourpop eye shadows this month! Iv ordered few ;)


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