Tuesday 6 March 2012

Who told 'red' is the only hot?

Hello my munchkins! :*

I am here with a quick post + a long rant :( And no, I won't start with rant first :P Me will review a nail polish I bought recently and then do some serious ranting :( *Sob* *Sniff*

On with the review, you guys know I recently did a mini haul know? This baby is from there :)

Product: Nail Polish *Lame I know, but this stupid bottle has no name or number*
Brand: LOV *NOT VOV, I thought it was VOV :(*
Cost: Rs.20/- 8) 
Color: Hot pink/Neon Pink

The bottle is a curvy triangle and the has the standard packaging. The brush is long with a decent handle (white in color). Very catchy 8)

 That is my college garden :P I was in the park inside and took this picture 8) My favorite picture this is 8) You like? :D

LOL! That is my bestie's newest obsession :P That teddy is larger than her cellphone, yet she has hung it because it is 'AWWWW SO CUTTTEEEE YAAAAA :* :*' *Yup, she is certified insane* *Love her to bits though*

Well as soon as I opened the bottle, I was so awed at the color. Bloody awesome pink it is. The perfect pink I have been searching since the beginning of time :o *No really I was :o*
LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! It is the most pigmented neon pink that has ever been manufactured *Leaving aside the Almighty brands like Chanel, OPI etc. I am speaking for bankrupt student community here* 
It is the type of color that I like to wear. The bold colors that scream attention :D LOL! I have been so obsessed with it, have shown my painted nails to everyone I have met after application. Except my bus driver. He doesn't like nail paints :| Hmph! :@ :P
Well see for yourself ^_^ *Drools and admires her nails ^_^*
Yes 8) That sexy! 
Yeah, I got effing long nails 8) Strong too :D
I love my nails..!!*Fine now I am bragging :D*

My only complaint is the staying power >.< Just a day and it has chipped off my nails :( I haven't done any hard manual labour too :P Well for 20 bucks, I shouldn't be expecting, but which girl doesn't love bitching about things? 8)
So this color is perfect for a day of picnic 8) Also, you might prefer covering it with a coat of transparent nail polish :) Chipping reduces A LOT that way 8) 

So yeah gurls, go for it! 8)

Moving on to my stories, the happy one says I received the Maybelline BB cream yesterday :D The very awesome Bhumika from New Love Makeup was so sweet and kind, she thought I deserved the magic product :) I have got the 01 - Nude shade, yet to squeeze it out :P Review coming soon ^_^ Thanks a ton again Bhumika :)
My face is getting messed by day, and am so clueless why :( Pimples are such Beep beep beeep ..!!*What? I censored the slang ;)*

How you all doing? :D 



  1. u know what i bought one neon pink n a bright orange recently !! :P

  2. Like the header namita and love your nail colour!

  3. This is one hot nail polish shade. Looks amazing on u. Plus you have amazing long nails,so the entire look is super sexy. Love it.
    Happy Blogging.

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  4. The pink is so electrifying and lively.. it suits you ;) Yes I think another coat of transparent nail polish can reduce the chipping problem. I hope your camera won't cost you so much.. keep my fingers crossed! Stop worrying over small matters and it will reduce your breakouts! hehe.. Love you!

  5. Lovely color!! :D I have not heard of LOV! :P Though the bottle has the logo which is kind of an exact replica of VOV! :) But as long as it works who cares which brand!! :) If you like Pink so much.. Go for Lakme 252. It's a WOW shade. And i am damn sure you'll love it!! :)

    Hope the camera repairing does not cost you much sweetie. About the breakouts --- No idea. But i read somewhere that one's mood also plays a role. SO just be happy!! :)

    And please do not forget to share the photos from your college fest!


  6. The original VOV paint neon pink is Awesome!!!!stays for 1 week or so for me , but a lil bright for the corporate environment. Hoping you camera will survive the fall, so that we can see lot more pics...That reminds me, I am yet to buy a cam /...

  7. You are been tagged in my post.. Pls visit my blog and check it out:)

  8. Neons are IN!
    dont worry abt ur camera it vl b back for more click click click

  9. how pretty, pink nails r super... you blog looks cute....check mine out i think u might enjoy the read...x


  10. I love the neon pink... Great review about ur camera .. so sad hope it will survive the fall and you will be able to click ur pics very soon :D

  11. Such a nice nail varnish !! at such reasonable rate. Lovely

  12. That;s a pretty shade..I am currently wearing Orange and in search of the perfect shade of mint..
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. However, I am having a little trouble tracing you amongst my followers..can you please help me with that??
    Please do visit me again :)

  13. @few unnecessary stuff: cool! :D Neon colors are so hatke! 8)

    @Sayantani: Thanks sweetie :)

    @Fashionopolis:Haha thank you :) Aah sure I'll check it :)

    @Fida Bosu: Thank you love :) Oh I was hoping so too, but it did cost, quite a lot :( And my break out seems to be getting under control :|I love you too :* :)

    @Butterfly: IKR! :D Aah ya? I sure will check it out, thank you sweets :) Oh the camera did cost :| And my break out indeed related to my moods :P Hope it improves :D
    Cuz I had no camera, no pics either :(

    @Opal: Never found it! I'll try getting sweetie :) Oh! :D My cam did survive the fall, and I am paying for it >.< Haha really? Sure buy one asap :D :)

    @Fida : Yup checking :)

    @Vanu: Totally IN! it'll be by this evening :D

    @M: Thank you :) Oh sure, I'll :)

    @Rambling Of A Single Girl In The City: Thanks sweetie :) Oh it did survive with a bloody big cost :D

    @Mukta: Yup thank you :)

    @Agam: Aaaah mint is oh-so-lovely! Oh really? I will check with that! Same here too, I ain't finding you in my followers :o Do check with it please? :)

    Namita <3


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