Sunday 19 February 2012

Why should I slog my ass off?

Hello Pumpkins! *No no, I wasn't being offensive! :P*

OKAY so! I had told you guys about my need to lose weight and get all hot and sexy, here. I spent WHOLE of my Sunday, reading so many many articles on the mighty Internet, getting jealous over those bloody toned bods on You tube >.< *Oh I will be better than them ASAP! Confidence Confidence Confidence 8)*. And my super hot best friend was so much of help! He is a regular at gym, eats everything he wants, and doesn't care because he knows he can shed off the nasty calories :D I can say, except for the vocabulary here, all the information and tips and tricks are from him :) Thank you so much my man! :*
Warning: VERY LONG post ahead. Continue at your own risk. Muhahahahaha! :D *Evil grin*

Before I get into details, let me tell you my current description.
Age: 19
Height: 160 cm that is 5 feet 2.9 inches  (You can check yours here.)
Weight: 63 kilograms that is 138 .89 lb
My target height ?! *I don't think I can grow taller now LOL! :D *
My target weight: 53 kilograms that is 116.84 lb
My time limit: 3 months counting from tomorrow, that will be May 20,2012.
Medical conditions:
Nothing serious :) I am sort of anemic. I tend to have a heavy flow and awful cramps every month (roughly 26 days). The core reasons for me to lose weight is to:

  • get the devilish hormone levels back to normal
  • Build stamina (I start panting just after climbing 3 floors of stairs >.<)
  • Strengthen the muscles, and indirectly reduce chump cramps
  • Feel good about myself. Though I post 'Capturing the heart' and preach to you guys on being confident, there are days where I feel like garbage. I hate the sight of flab and beat myself down everytime I indulge in an icecream. I am bloody sick of feeling guilty over having what I want! No matter how many people tell me I look fine, I want to lose weight and be toned, fit and healthy.

I have a super tight schedule, so going to gym is impossible for me :( But hey! With so many at-house-workouts, who wants to go to gym?! Not me! 8)
I have tried dieting before, and also did workout a couple of days. But the determination never stayed :( I would either get bored, or de-motivated (read plain lazy) and stop. But now that my endocrine system has gone cranky, I am taking things seriously and kick starting my routine :)
Here is my routine!

I wake at 6---30 minutes to freshen up/bath---20 minutes of preening---15 minutes of breakfast---3-5 minutes of walk to bus stop---1 hour 15 minutes bus journey to college (I either plug into music, read books or chat with my freinds in that time)---reach college and walk for 5 minutes to reach my classroom/lab/who-cares-where-you-go-to :P---slog till 4 PM-walk back to busyard---1 hour 15 minutes back home (I plug into music and doze off. You should see my bus in evenings :P Except for the driver, every soul is tired and fast asleep :o*)---be back home by 6 15 PM---have my dinner---come online by 6 45 PM-FB/Blog---Study *ahem* *LIE LIE* ---have a lil curd rice incase I am a bit hungry---sleep by 11---and the story repeats!

I tend to eat fried stuff like chips in college >.< Though I love junk *read icecreams and pastries*, there is no more of it served in the lame canteen :@ *OKAY! Might help for now :P*

From tomorrow, this will be my new routine. 

I am gonna wake up at 5, work out and continue the same boring chores :D That one hour is the one that will help me tranform my life :) I will be honest with you guys, I am really happy with myself. My skin is well behaved, and hair is manageable these days. My grades are going great and my relationships with most people is fine too :) *Touchwood* The only rant is on my weight, which I am adrressing now.

I know its gonna be hard. Keeping junk food away, and being regular with workouts is not easy as it sounds. But hey! I am ready to do anything to achieve what I want to :) 
And yeah! I am gonna workout from Monday to Saturday. No workout for 4 days a month when I am on my periods. I will weigh myself once a week and let you know about the progress :) I am gonna start writing a Food Diary and note down everything that goes down my throat :D

In this Fitness section, I am starting with Basics. Say for now, I will tell you guys on what I am going to do this week. The workout plan :) Fida Bosu, Vanu and Opal, hope it helps you guys too! :) 


1) Drink lots of water. Water helps flush out the toxins. It makes your skin and hair happy too :)

2) Check with your doctor in case you have any medical conditions that might aggravate with physical exercise. As the weeks progress, I might post stressful workout plans

3) Do not be too hard on yourself. Don't punish your body. No matter why you have put on weight, its NOT impossible to lose it all. Might take a lil more time, be patient :) Remember, you didn't pile on weight in a day or week. So no. It won't vanish after 22.46 crunches :|

4) Be determined. Every time you are tempted to hit the snooze button, remind yourself on why you should not. The killer jean that doesn't fit? The tee that makes a muffin top? All the inferiority complex when that hot bodied-nasty bitch is around? The BIG wedding? The soaring confidence after achieving the target? :)

5) Be motivated. Get some posters. Stick a picture of yourself on the door, when you had the body you are working now for. If you have never been satisfied with your body, then use Photoshop. Stick your face photo to the body part of that celebrity you drool over. No matter how lame, stupid and dumb it looks, it will help you believe you can achieve. Just make sure it doesn't look cartoon-ish. You don't want it mock-y! 

6) Don't give a damn about what people talk.When you first start, there might be assholes that tell you why you can't lose weight. Show them how you can.

7) Put on some pumping music and workout like a siren! 8) *Aah I aint apologizing for that word now!*

8) Have faith. You know you can do it :)

9) Show off. Once you achieve it, get into those teeny shorts and parade in front of the bitch mentioned in point 4 8) 

Now enough of my blabbering, lets talk burning fat baby! 8)

Warming up!

Warm ups are the most important parts of any training. You must wake your muscles up and prep them for the workout! :D

*Nope, not the next month ;)*
Stand in your place and pretend you are back in school, and start marching right in the place where you are standing and make sure you lift your legs to your waist height. 

is Jumping to a position with the legs spread wide, and the hands touching overhead. Return to the position with the feet together and the arms at the sides. Sound complicated? It aint! Check this picture. *Aahh I know, such a cute thing it is :D*

Begin this by standing such that  feet is shoulder width apart.Flex your knees and torso, sitting back on your hips.
Extend your arms in front of you and return back to starting position. Repeat.
Start facing wall, arms length away, feet slightly apart, legs straight (but knees not locked). Place hands onto wall, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
INHALE: Keeping head in neutral position, bend elbows to lower head/chest toward wall, coming as close as you can to it but not touching it.
EXHALE: Straighten arms and return to starting position for one repetition.
Check the image below, it has in built (?!) instructions 8)
Check the image baby! :D
Hold a dumbbell in your right hand next to your shoulder, with your arm bent.Step forward with your right leg and lower your body until your right knee is bent at least 90 degrees and your left knee nearly touches the floor. Push yourself back to the starting position. That's one rep. Do all your reps, then repeat with your left leg, while holding the weight in your left hand.
Your upper back and rear shoulders:
Grab a pair of dumbbells, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Bend at your hips, keeping your lower back naturally arched (don't round it!), and lower your torso until it's almost parallel to the floor. Let the dumbbells hang at arm's length from your shoulders, your palms facing forward. Without moving your torso or bending your elbows, raise your arms straight out to your sides until they're in line with your body.Pause, then slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

Lie down on the floor (you can use a floor mat to rest on). Bend your knees and then hold your hands below the neck. Now, while exhaling, lift the upper part of your body. Remember, do not tuck your chin in the chest, your chin must be in a straight direction. Then while inhaling, go in the downward direction
There are other variations too! :D
Lie on a carpeted or cushioned floor with your knees bent at approximately right angles, with feet flat on the ground. Your hands should be resting on your thighs.

Technique: Squeeze your stomach, push your back flat and raise high enough for your hands to slide along your thighs to touch the tops of your knees. Don't pull with you neck or head and keep your lower back on the floor. Then return to the starting position.

AIR BIKING! *How cool is that!*
Lie flat as if you are doing sit ups, put your hand behind your head, slightly lift your shoulder from ground, bring knees up as it should be perpendicular to the floor, and start peddling as if you are on a cycle!   
Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor [A]. Now brace your core, squeeze your glutes, and raise your hips so your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees [B]. Pause for 3 to 5 seconds—squeezing your glutes tightly the entire time—then lower back to the start again! :)

Now, lets have a look at what helps how! :)

Wakes up your core:
Get on all fours with your hands in line with your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. Inhale, lifting your head and tailbone so your spine arches slightly toward the floor. Exhale as you tuck your tailbone under, curl your back upward, and let your head hang toward the floor. That's one rep. Do 10, moving smoothly between  
Wakes up your hips, glutes, and thighs:
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides or on your hips. Step back with your left foot and sink into a lunge until your front knee is bent 90 degrees. Push back up, keeping both knees slightly bent. Continue the up-and-down movement with the left leg for 30 seconds; change legs and repeat.
Wakes up your triceps, chest, glutes, hamstrings, and quads:
Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Squat down and place your hands on the floor directly in front of your feet. Jump your feet backward and land in a pushup position. Do one pushup, then jump your feet back toward your hands and return to standing. Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. Rest for one minute, then repeat.
Some common FAQs! :)

1.Does muscle pain mean that I am getting a good workout?

A little soreness is fine , but if its extreme it implies microscopic tears in muscles and tissues. Don’t worry because, your body can repair itself :)
But if the damage is more it may not be able to completely repair itself before the next workout :( To keep soreness to a minimum level, take it easy when you are starting new exercises and avoid long breaks between the training :)

1. It makes sure that any part of your daily job does not overshadow your exercise time 8)
2. More chances of it being incorporated in your routine :D
3. It increases mental sharpness *Hot Genius!*
4. Energized for the whole day!
5. Regulates your metabolism 8)

1.Any workout 30-60minutes before the bedtime is fine..
2.Muscles are warm and more flexible!
3.It works as a stress buster

But haven't we heard,

  •  Afternoon is Best for Exercise !
  • Morning Exercisers Are More Consistent!
  • Evening Exercise and Sleep! related arguments ??

It all depends on the type of life style that  you are having :) So which ever fits in your day is obviously the best ;)

Why do your workouts fail?
Overestimating Your Exercise
Remember, its not about quantity,but quality!
  • Underestimating Your eating
  • You Never Change Your Workouts:  
Your body gets used it them :P So always keep adding new ones and changing the patterns for better results :) 
  • You are doing a wrong type of workout for a wrong reason
  • Your goals are unrealistic! Your body is a machine which has its own limits :) Respect it!
  • You must be measuring the wrong results :o Check what you are doing to get what! *See? I confused  you :D*
And all you smart phone freaks, check this out! An amazing application for Android OS! :D 

PHEW! Typing all this in is only so exhaustive! :D But YAYEE! I perfect plan to start tomorrow with :)
I truly hope this helps at least some of you :) 

Image Sources:-
From different websites. I don't claim any ownership.

SO my sweetiepies, lemme know how you liked it or hated it?! :P 

Lots of Love,


  1. Superb post...I will start with a daily routine tha suits my schedule..Nd the motivation paart...aaahgr...okie...I can do it:)..

  2. wow! now thats a long list of exercises!!!! me very keen on losing weight too... but i dont work so hard ;) hehehehe.. me the lazy kinds... :P all i do is treadmill for 20 mins :P climb 5 floors of stairs 4 times a day ;) eat nothing after 8:00 pm and drink at least three cups of green day in a day...

    and babe your guy is the sweetest... i mean he is like CRAZY about you!!!! :D :D :D

  3. Very helpful tips Namita.. But like u said the most important thing is to be confident and never give up! Wish you all the best babe! I cant wait to start over next month ;)

  4. I definately hate dieting too, it just makes me hungry :) I go swimming once a week, I know that's not enough but it's something right? I think I'll pick up some of those home work-outs :) thanks for the tips!

  5. This was an intense post!
    Really great that you started off on such a positive note! Good luck.. hope you reach your goal :)
    And thanks for the sweetest comment on my blog.. made my day! :)

  6. Heyyy its such a pleasure to read your posts :) even i'm on a weight loss charade... I gained 20pounds in the last 1 year (something to do with being newly married in a new country... heheh)
    keep em coming gal!!!

  7. I really love your blog, it's so cute and I love how personal and open you are with your followers. It's also great seeing fellow desi bloggers on here! I recommend burpees and sit ups for a lovely toned tummy! I have followed your blog, please follow back!


  8. I loved it.. Wow hellalot of information... awesome post.. hope I get some inspiration and hoping to try some of ur suggested exercise.. Only problem is I have little bone issues .. Need to check with doctor... But sweetie seriously awesome post.. You go girl!!!

  9. @Fida :) Thank you so much hon :) I have just started an OMG the muscle sore is awful :P Hope I reach my target asap! :D good luck to you too <3

    @Eline :P Dieting is good, but then its so tough to keep up with it :O Oh just a lil physical activity goes a long way! :) Thanks love :)

    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: My pleasure :) M so glad you took time to comment here :D Thank you so much :)

    @EVE-O-LUTION: Aaww thank you! Oh I know how stressful weight gain can be :| Good luck with you weight loss di :)

    @ Miss Iffa: Haha thanks so much! :) Its wonderful having such awesome readers, so I am comfy sharing my life here :) Oh and thanks for the tip :) I am gonna incorporate them all ;) :) Following you right back! :)

    @ Rambling Of A Single Girl In The City: Oh sure babe, check with your doctor and go ahead! :) Good luck :) And thanks a million for that wonderful comment :)

    Thanks again all of you! Your comments make my day! :)

    Namita <3


  10. UR 19????? oh god.. really?? Luking at ur Fb cover n ur face. I thot.. soryyy :D Bt I thot Ur married :D :D
    sorry... bt ur quite quite matured!!! Read Matured n nt old!! :P

    so well.. I'm 5'2".. 50 weight!! I might look slim bt I'm not.. I have tummy!!!! which is hidden because of the type of clothes I wear :P
    I have started gyming sinc 15days.. n it has been awesome!! I directly land in gym after college no matter hw tired I am!! n to be frank.. For the hot guys that come in my gym - LIKE REALLLLLYYYYY HOOOTTTTTTTT

    N don't u go n tell dis to Mr. A :P well, he knws abt dis ;)

    U just need an inspiration.. mine is hot boys half d time n wearing a saree in may, the other half :D

    re: Thank you so so so much fr ur comments fr d past few posts of mine!! :)

  11. Hahahahha!!! :) You know how to do your homework! Right love?? ;) I'll add some of those exercises to my routine too! Helpful!! :) And i am not going to join gym till i am 20! :P Till then going to try keep myself as i am at home! :D Hope it works for you! :) And sorry for the late comment!


  12. having a healthy lifestyle is imp. I dont know why Indians have stereotyped exercising with fat people. Its a must for everyone and every body type to ensure you stay healthy and fit even at an older age.

    I like to change up my exercising routine. I am currently on kick boxing (been over a year now),,, its fun and really gr8. I find my body more toned and flexible ever since I started.

    Gr8 post :)

  13. First time in your blog and it looks nice, trendy and pretty!

    It seems you have done a good deal of research before writing this. I am sure you will have a fitter 20th Birthday.

    Keep writing...

  14. Wooahhh... That was a lot of reading.. don't worry you'll surely loose your weight healthily, I am with you ;)
    BTW, I've tagged you in my recent post, do check out :)


  15. @Fictitious Fashion: LMAO! Really? I look that 'mature'? :P You are the first one to say so :P People usually ask if I am in 11th/12th std :P LOL! Smart girl you are :P N no, I won't inform Mr.A :P Good luck with the gymming :)

    @Megha Varshini: Now thatz an achievement! Congratulations sweetie :) And thank you! :)

    @Butterfly: Hon, you are so fit already! STOP making me Jealous :P Yay! Keep that spirit up, and thank you! :) Oh it feels good to see your comments, no matter how late :) Thanks again! :)

    @ StyleDestino: Though that was the notion before, its changing slow but steady :) People are getting health conscious here too :) Glad to know you are happy with your body, its so tough to find these days! I'll sure visit your blog :) Thank you :)

    @Tan:Aaww thank you so much :) Yeah, it did involve R & D ;) Thanks again :)

    @Shruti:IKR :P LONG post! :P Hope I do asap *Fingers crossed* Aaaww really? I'll check it right now :) Thank you love :)

    Namita <3

  16. hey! just came across ur blog.
    Following u :)
    Would love a follow back, if u like my blog too :D

  17. oh and absolutely loved the tips above. U motivated me to workout as well! :)

  18. My pleasure :)
    I am following you sweetie :)
    Thank you for following me :D
    Namita <3

  19. okayyyyy..great post that was(aaaaahhhh!!!)

    well I am 5'6" with 49kilograms.
    now u might say, how perfect that is :P
    but I still like gyming and doing a bit of wrkout and lot of dancing bcz that makes me happy and fit :D
    I have too much of junk food so u never

    hope you reach ur target(with this kind of info, you will reach soon :P).

  20. okayyyyy..great post that was(aaaaahhhh!!!)

    well I am 5'6" with 49kilograms.
    now u might say, how perfect that is :P
    but I still like gyming and doing a bit of wrkout and lot of dancing bcz that makes me happy and fit :D
    I have too much of junk food so u never knw :P

    hope you reach ur target(with this kind of info, you will reach soon :P).good luck!

  21. Haha thank you!
    You are so fab, I know!
    And now I know why there is no flab 8) *Bad rhythming :D*
    Thank you sweetie, hope so too :)

    Namita <3

  22. do Zumba, its great and fun and its not like your doing any exercisexx

    Great blog, just started following - if you get a chance take a peek at my blog x

  23. Among all these, The Surya namaskar is the best :-)

  24. Really? :) I have just started, yet to see the results ;)
    Namita <3

  25. @Anika: Oh sure! I'll Google and find out more ;) Thanks a lot sweetie :) I am following you right back :)

    Namita <3


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