Thursday 27 August 2015

Regular Coffee.

So this is what love must feel like. Probably. Like the first drop of rain. Like the whiff of petrichor. Like the tip-tip-tap-tap on the bare ground. Like the chatter of the cricket. Like all the other cliches. But cliches are so for a reason, no?

I don't know, boy. Loving you mostly feels like a lot different. It feels like the silence after rain. It feels like the lone horn of a heavy duty vehicle at 2 A.M. At 2 A.M when you have fallen asleep a little while ago and I am dreaming the velvet of your hair brushing your forehead. It feels like the chime of your "Wake up, its 11! Good morning!" It feels like the salt of the salt and butter corn we share. It feels like the wind howling by on short rides. It feels like your almost confident, just a tad bit nervous finger that wonders where to rest itself on, on my knee. It feels like your boyish charm of winking at me. Like how my heart comes to my mouth when you wink at me like that. It feels like the familiar fragrance of you, you know. You and your deo and your day. The remnants of a day gone forever. Its like the tinge of smoke on your lips. Its like your grip on my waist. Very normal. Very regular. Like coffee. Like without coffee, my day wouldn't be my day. You and your love feels like that. Very, home. 

I don't know what you intend to do with my heart, boy. All I know is you are home. You are the comfort I crave for at the end of my day. The antidote to my restlessness. You didn't crash into my life and break me down. You didn't spurn a whirlwind within me. You didn't take my breath away. You didn't make me want to question my existence. You never gave me sweaty palms and hyperactive anxiety. You sauntered your way into my life, ever so effortlessly. You thought me how to slow down. You held my sweaty palms and took me in your arms. Whilst you did that, you thought me how to breathe. You made me believe in my existence, and you made me feel cherished. You took my hyperactive anxiety away and replaced it with bliss. But yes, you gave me butterflies. A bunch of them. Every time you look into my eyes, there's a new bunch fluttering. And every time your skin brushes against mine, the butterflies smile a smile of contentment. They do, I swear. 

So here I am. Waking up every morning with no somersaults in my tummy. Just the simple joy of you and your thoughts. Just you and your eyes. Oh, they sparkle like a billion stars colliding and exploding. The simple brush of your fingers against mine. Just the whisper of you, your being. I go about my day with a sense of security.  A sense of surety of you being there all through the day. You are my security blanket, love. 

I could spend an eternity kissing your lips, really. I could just hold you close and inhale you and melt into you. I could fit in your arms like I was custom made for you and tug at your shirt button. For life. I could tell you a million times how I love you, and it would still feel insufficient. 

Because good hearts are tough to come by. Because men like you are rare. Because it takes a man to handle a chaos of a girl like me. And you, you fit into the puzzle of my life like you were made for me. Are you, boy? I think so too. 

I love you, boy. 
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