Hello there! Here you'll find some F.A.Q about the blog.

Who writes this blog?
I, Namitha, do! All the blog posts are written by me and the press releases are copy pasted for the PR mails. You can find more about me here.

Where are you from?
I am from Bangalore, India.

How old is this blog?
This blog was born on January 17th, 2012.

What kind of posts do you write about?
I blog about everything - fiction, product reviews and everything else that catches my fancy.

Do you accept PR samples for reviews?
Yes, I do. The reviews are all the same - honest and truthful whether I have bought them in my own money or they are PR samples.

Do you host contests and giveaways?
Yes. The giveaways are also sponsored depending on what my sponsor needs.

Are you a freelancer?
Yes I am. I am also a creative writer.

The blog statistics are as following: (Updated on July 16th, 2015)

GFC Follower Count: 339
Facebook likes: 2498
Page hits: 626874
Twitter followers: 1083
RSS Feed Subscribers: 544
Wooplr followers: 769
Instagram followers: 911
Pinterest followers: 239
Bloglovin' followers:163
NetworkedBlogs reach: 96 followers


  1. I was randomly surfing the internet, procrastinating, and I find this blog. Most of the content here is over my head; I do not understand almost any of it. But, I am amazed by your blog statistics!

    1. Hi, if you are THE Karthik Abinav, THE genius senior of mine that went to IIT Madras, HI! :D Namitha here, your neighbor back when we were in school :) (Junior too, remember?) If not, its okay. Hi :D And thank youu :)


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