Sunday 20 September 2015

My (Half Month) on Instagram

There was once a point in life where I was so, vella. I remember being fidgety and oh-so-bored and wanting for some action in life, ya know. I whole heartedly regret it all. WHAT WAS I THINKING? 

I am miffed with myself. I have been relapsing into no blogging and man, it sucks alright. Its like now and then, out of the blue, I remember the blog and come running back and promise myself to blog consistently and follow through until BAM! Something or the other eventually happens and I go missing! Yikes.     

Like seriously.

So I decided to make some amends because:

1. I am not a student anymore. I graduated engineering. I am an engineer now. Like officially. YAY! me.

2. I landed a new job. My old job required me to relocate to Chennai/Mumbai. So whilst I waited, I landed a brand new job right here in Bangalore. 

3. I really am not a makeup person. So expecting me to review every new foundation/blush/concealer that comes to the market is ridiculous. Like seriously. I am good with some BB cream + kajal + lipstick. I shall leave the heavy duty cosmetic scrutiny to the makeup gurus. 

4. It makes more sense to blog about Bangalore and the traffic in Bangalore and the rains and the rains in Bangalore traffic because I spend like 14 hours on road in traffic anyway. Okay no, not 14 hours. I am not complaining, just sayin'. 

5. I really, really like reeeaaalllyyy just love writing fiction and short stories and feelings and stuff like that. Its time I just write personal blogs and fiction laced with 'PS: Fiction' ;) Doesn't mean that I won't throw in product/site reviews here and there ;) 

6. I really love Game of Thrones. Friends. HIMYM. 24. And reruns of all of them.

7. I am effin' lazy. 

Now that I have explained myself, here is how my (almost half a month of) September went.

                                                             1. Like I said, I graduated. 

2. Ganesh Chaturthi at home made sure that I put on 245.78 kgs -_-

3. I hung out with my people, a lot. 

4. Sister has been love.

5. I have been reading too much these days. Currently reading: Only Ever Yours - Louise O' Neill
(Book here - A Lover's Dictionary)

6. I have been obscenely obsessed with floral tiaras.

7. I found the love of my life in this boy.

World calls him Bozo, I call him love. L.O.V.E

8. Skies have the potential to make me scream with joy. And satisfaction.

9. I also ate bhutta. Food is bae.

10. Self obsession reached new levels in this dress I still can't get over.

So September has been really sweet. *touches wood* Ha!

How have you been? Comment and let me know.

Also, follow me on Instagram @misskashyap. I post more often than Rakhi Sawant makes a scandalous statement. 


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  1. Keep up the good work :)

    P.S You can spend your traffic time in innovating stuffs and working on your blogs.

    Traffic in turn can be blessinh in disguise for you .

  2. Keep up with the good work :)

    P.S you can utilize this traffic time in innovation and working on your blogs.

    You can turn traffic to be blessing in disguise for you.

    1. Paresh! Thank you :) Haha I hope to do so too :D

  3. hey i am usually a silent reader of your blog... I love you short stories.. just please post frequently
    also i have a review request you mentioned in your previous post that you love the lip colour eternal rose...i have been struggling to find a pink lipstick which is suitable for all occasions it would be a great help if you could review it... thank you :)

    1. Hey, thank you so much :) I shall post frequently, promise! About the review, yes. I shall do it ASAP :) Pleasure would be mine.

      Thanks again for the kind words, made my day! XOXO :)


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