About Me

Namitha Kashyap. 22. Bangalorean. Aquarian. Engineer.

This blog was born in January, 2012 in a half broken desktop with a crappy internet connection during semester exams.

I started Life is a Fairytale with absolutely no boundaries. I blog about everything. You can find product reviews, book reviews, fiiction, recipes,rants and lots more! Basically, this little part of the webosphere is my space where I unleash a little of my crazy.

Oh, I am a creative writer too :)

So, LIAF is a lifestyle blog.Period. My opinions are uncensored most of the time, I use curse words once in a while.

Through old posts and new, you'll find me grown up, growing up, wiser and funner. Okay?

A warm welcome to a beautiful part of my life :) I hope you'll have as much fun reading my work, as much as I have writing it all :)


  1. Love the way you write! Genuine and original! You have a new follower! ^_^


  2. Hi Namita,

    I recently came across your blog lifeisafairytale.in, and found it fresh and a pleasure to read! I must compliment you on creating articles that are really informative and creative.

    I work with www.barcode91.com and we have some beautiful ethnic designs too. I think you would like them too :) and congratulations to you on your wonderful blog :)

    - Shivangi

    1. Thank you Shivangi :D I loved the collection, you know it :)

  3. Hi I love your blog Namita - especially the fashion talk and product reviews. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Namita,
    i just happened to find your blog when I was trying to pick some good blog on Goggle.. your writing skills are jus... OUTSTANDing...!!

    Luv da way you portray your feelings.. jus took me into a imagination of the entire story of "it just got better".. tooo good.....


    1. Hey Pia, you made my day :) thank you so very much, I am glad you liked the blog :) Do visit more :)

  5. hey i like your writing style are you intersted to write for my site have a look and reply www.postmygreetings.com .(-:

    1. Hey thank you, but I dont think so, I have a tight schedule, apologies :)

  6. U are an Inspiration :) :)
    Long Way to Gal...!!!

    Such a genuine heart ^_^
    Good Luck... :)

    1. Hey Yogita,

      Thank you so much! That's really, really sweet of you! ^_^

      Means a lot :)


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