Saturday 26 September 2015

Celebrate Dhanteras with

In many Indian homes, the Diwali arrangements start on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras. This Indian festival marks wealth and in many families, the festival is followed with a Laxmi Pooja or the worship of Goddess Laxmi who is known to be the benefactor of wealth.  As a custom, on Dhanteras, people bring new things to home. Some people also bring home sweets, metals and other ornaments on this day. And if you want to follow the customs in a different and even better way then following are the best accessories for you to bring home this Dhanteras:
  • While it is quite traditional to buy new kitchen accessories on Dhanteras, there are many newer styles and designs according to changing utilities are available to you on online shopping portals. Juicer-mixer grinders, air-tight containers, spoon sets etc. are good things for you to invest in on Dhanteras.

  • Investing in the beautification of your home is also a nice idea for this festival. You can buy decorative vases made of bronze, silver or other a lucky metals and decorate them in your living room or any other area of your home.

  • Bringing things of both utility and beautification is a good thing to do. You can buy good looking plant hangers for this purpose.

  • Beautification of your house on Dhanteras will look complete with gorgeous metallic candle stands that give a very elegant feel to the overall decoration of your home.

So this Dhanteras, welcome wealth with beautiful home d├ęcor.          

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