Wednesday 8 October 2014


There are various phases of life that people don't want to visit - emotional disturbances, financial lowdown and more. But for me, that one phase I don't want to visit is the one after 12th standard -_- With so many options around, so many suggestions and opinions, combinations of subjects, peer pressure, wanting to be with my friends through under-graduation, I was in such a confusion. There were times when choosing a professional course became so messy, I wanted to quit thinking -_- 

Like an answer to all my years from four years ago, there is Based out of New Delhi, this website is catering to the needs of all students and parents regarding higher studies in India as well as abroad. Lets see how, shall we? is an extensive search engine. Colleges are listed based on course, place, degree, availability etc. There are more than 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses. The streams include management, engineering, arts, medical and more.

Starting from the easy-on-the-eye interface, everything is simple and neat on The top bar has classified tabs for Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts, Science, Commerce, Law and more. They have also have a section on entrance exams. 

Lets see how the tabs work. Since I am an engineer, I am taking the engineering tab :D The moment I click on engineering, the page leads to another page which has sections - and B.Tech which gives you option to choose - type, stream, location. The types are - full time, part time, distance and on campus. Streams are the core branches - computer science, mechanical, electrical and electronics while the locations are the cities - Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai. So now, all I have to choose is what I want, and I'll have my selection of colleges ready! Isn't that so hassle free? 

The same ease is seen all through the website. Every piece of information is updated. If you are wanting to take up an MBA course, go check the MBA Colleges. This has the list of all management colleges in India. 

One fantastic feature I loved about the website is the rating part. The colleges are rated based on their quality all through. Also, the amenities available are pictorially represented. Cafeteria, medical care centers, sports and recreation, library and more. Are they on your list of worry? Fret not, these details are present in the short description of the college! 

Now, once your select your college, it will lead you to a page with complete details - starting from the history of the institution to the latest photographs. Details regarding the courses, placement records, infrastructure, extra curricular activities and so much more. 

If you want more details regarding a certain course in a certain college, just fill in your name, email ID and contact number. Next thing you know, you are provided with college brochure, fees, an option to talk to senior counselors, notifications for deadlines, and also, apply for the same if you decide to. Oh and yes, once you sign up on the website, you can have options to shortlist colleges and get all information directly on the portal account. 

You can also apply directly from the portal, and also, give a review if you would like to. There is also a fantastic blog belonging to the website which contains recent updates and details. 

In my opinion, this is one of the best portals out there. Its catering to the need of students of so many domains, and I think, its commendable. I will definitely be signing up for the same when my higher studies come into picture. 

All of you that want perfect details curated just for you, go ahead and click on the links. You'll be happy you did. 

Let me know what you think, okay? 

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