Wednesday 30 September 2015

Off Key.

7 PM. I am perching on the corner of the bed. You are on the bed, lost in the huge screen of your phone. I am lost too, in the glare of another huge screen in my hand.

"Awh fuck man!', you mutter. I peep into the screen. I catch random words. Sports. Chelsea. FC. 

Eh whatever. 

8 30 PM. 

"What's for dinner?", you ask. And before I answer, you are next to me. "I know", you say before I answer. "You", you grin. I am crimson. Even after 6 years, even after countless such 'dinner' conversations, I am crimson. I turn around and plant a kiss on your cheek. "So cute you are!". "I know", you say. Your hands effortlessly find their way around my waist and your mouth is on mine. I still remember the supremely awkward first kiss. 

Mid kiss I remember that we haven't placed order for pizza yet. "Listen", I pull away. "Yes?", you pull me back all over again. "Pizza tonight?" "Really? Are you gonna prepare pizza?", you are shocked. "Balls!". You are hilarious. We break into laughter and you lean back reaching for your phone. I use that time to shoo you off the bed to make it all over again. 

"Hello?.........yes......double cheese....yes....chicken...yes. Oh and extra cheese please. Thank you." 

You never forget the extra cheese. You know me. 

Just when I am just about done, you are back. I am on bed with a magazine in hand, you fall next to me. You are lost in the screen again. Absentmindedly, my fingers run through your hair. Your soft breath is comforting. The rise and fall of your chest is unintentionally getting registered from the corner of my eye. You are comforting. 

9 14 PM. The pizza guy is here. 

We eat. There's cheese on the corner of my lip. You lick it away. Without fail, like always. 

10 PM. We are back in bed. I am back with my magazine, you with your screen. Except, now your head is in my lap. My hand rests on your chest. More minutes pass by. 

11 15 PM.

You yawn. "Love, connect this to charger", you hand over the screen. You yawn, again. I do as you say. You pull me down and lift your head up just enough to kiss me goodnight. You flip to your side and nuzzle into my tummy. A hand finds its way around my waist again. My hand rests on your back. I pass an inappropriate comment about your butt. You laugh just a little and kiss my tummy. Within minutes, you are fast asleep. 

And I sit there. All mushy and gooey. Smiling like an idiot. Contentment filling my whole being. Every time you shift just a little and nuzzle a little deeper, you evoke something warm within me.

See that is why I love you. I am not the girls that love selflessly. I love you because loving you is crucial for my existence. Because every time you smile, a thousand suns warm my heart. Every time you sing off key, you put the rhythm of my life in order. Every time you plant a mindless kiss on my cheek, or on the spot just under my ear, I realize why I am alive. To love you. To be loved by you. The warmth of your touch, the urgency of your grip, the longing in your eyes after a long day. The ease with which you fit into my life and made it yours. Ours. The way you are always there, through best and the worst. Of how beautifully you simplify my overtly complicated life. Of how, weirdly enough, you are the solution to any puzzle in my life. Of how, you are the answer to my thousand prayers. 

So I sit back and hold you closer. "Aren't you sleeping yet?", you are groggy. "In a bit", I say. And mouth "I love you". "I know", you are off to sleep again. "I love you more". 



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PS: Fiction.
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  1. That was a great read :-) Cheers, Archana -

  2. God I don't know how u write auch amazing posts!! Love it!! Speaking of love :D in your September wish list yu mentioned you want a clutch I found it on amazon and flipkart for somewhere around 2k.. from the brand young&forever! Lemme try sending u the link! Your welcome :D

    1. Thank you so much :)

      PS: You are the best :') *tears of joy rolling down my cheeks* <3 :D


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