Thursday 25 June 2015


"Leave me alone for a while, okay? I don't want to have an argument, we can discuss this later". She walked away to the other room. Throwing her hair into a hurried bun, she sat on the couch. Contemplating. Analyzing. Over thinking.   Here it is.    It's over.    Not him, too.     I shouldn't have fallen in love.   It was too soon.   I should've known better.    He is too, just another guy.    But.. it feels right.   But..this is the reality.     Can I let this go?   I should, I know.   But..  

It was their first fight. 

After a rough six minutes, he walked into that room. He sat next to her, put an arm around her shoulder and held her hand in another. She eased into his arms, instinctively. It felt like home. He, felt like home. They sat there for minutes. Minutes seemed like centuries. Words hit her lips and washed themselves away into the back of her throat.  Several times. Like tides that aren't strong enough to wet the dry sands. Feeble. Lumps were born and they died too, instinctively. Several times. Until one string of words successfully made out of her colored lips. 

"Will we stay together?" For the first time in a long time, words didn't seem silly. They didn't seem impossible. For the first time in a long time, a possibility of forever and after seemed possible. 

"Yes", he kissed her forehead. Her nails dug into his palm. A comfortable wince on his face. 

"Promise me?", she looked into his eyes. Water droplets lining hers. 

"No", he dismissed. Facilitated the flow of droplets down her cheeks. "No", he confirmed, "because I don't have to promise you what I already know. I won't promise a new sunrise every morning. I just know."

Right then, right there, a fairy tale was born. 

And in the middle of nowhere, she found home. 

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