Saturday 1 November 2014

November Lust List

Its November. Well 2014 is like two months from becoming 2015. Its totally okay. I mean c'mon! 10 months passed by and so much has changed and I still haven't done so many things on my bucket list and aunties are getting me marriage proposals of 'very decent boy, works for software' and 'you are 21 and if you don't get married now you'll die old with cats' and being concerned and all. But well, its okay. Its just November of 2014 and I feel like a couple of hours I wrote my typical 'last post' post of 2013. Its okay.

But then here I am chilling on a Saturday penning down a November lust list for you guys. Am I  awesome or what? :) *zen smile*


1. This thing

I don't what they call it, I will find it and I will buy it. I have a major celebration at my place this month end and I want this thing to be put on the back of my blouse. YAY, I bought another saree that I will wear like, once an year. Does anybody know a good place in Bangalore? Eh I know Commercial Street, any specific shop per se? Let me know :)

2. This watch

I am sucker for watches with big dials. I don't own one watch that is of normal regular size. This Fossil watch!  *heart for eyes*.

3. This case

My phone just doesn't have cases. I think Universe hates me my phone. Is there any place that customizes phone cases? Motorola family be blessed.

4. This shoes

Zumba is so much dancing. And I am so clumsy. This shoes will be my saving grace. Plus they are pink. Score.

5. This pair of jhumka

I might be in love with these. Or may be not. But well.

So that's about it. I am fairly content with life these days :D Final few weeks of the semester implies I am going to be drowned in work. You guys keep in touch okay? I am hyper active on Instagram. Find the links below and follow me :D I am fun, I promise.

Let me know what you are lusting after. 

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