Thursday 6 November 2014

Impact on Online Retailers on Offline Retailers

The trend of Online Shopping is widely spreading in India. There is no individual in today’s world that is unfamiliar with E-commerce. Talking about the buyers or the sellers, when it comes e-trading, everyone is at the brighter side. But have we ever noticed that how online shopping is affecting conventional shopping and how much offline retailers have to suffer due to this explosion of popularity of online shopping? For the better processing and economy of India, it is essential to maintain a balance between offline shopping and online shopping. Apparently, the flow of water is in the favor of online retailers. There are various factors that are contributing in the mounting fame of online shopping as you can find gainful discounts at all online shopping stores. Now Google Online Festival 2014 is about to come in December.( GOSF (Great Online Shopping Festival)). You can grab the huge discount on apparels, footwear, mobiles, laptops and electronics accessories from leading websites like Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, e-Bay, Snapdeal, and more.

These are some of the best Indian websites you can bookmark the links of for shopping:

Beside these advantages, it is essential to know the impact of online retailers on offline retailers:

  • Many small or large scale offline retailers are losing sales swiftly.  It is becoming hard for the offline retailers to survive in such an expensive era. Undeniably, online retailers are posing much threat on the sales of offline retailers. When all the customers are moving towards online shopping for all their necessities, it has begun to ruin the local businesses. Also in the festive season, as there are most money saving discounts being offered at online stores, people are buying home accessories and gifts from the sites rather than visiting the conventional stores and making a purchase. 

  •  As the sales are largely affected after the arrival of online shopping, the growth of the market has to endure huge loses. The growth of such small ventures has come to an end and this is the reason why offline retailers are quitting the business. It seems like the offline stores are soon to be smashed to ground if people keep opting online stores. Undoubtedly the offerings of online stores are much advantageous.

  • Talking about conventional storesrunning businesses, they have to drop down their profit as online stores offers products at relatively lesser prices. On the other hand, land retailers don’t have a room to offer lower prices. So in such cases, they have to lessen their profits and drop down the prices of the commodities. The margin per product has fallen massively, leaving meager profits for the offline retailers. 
After looking at the advantages and disadvantages, it is up to the readers to decide what is apt for them. Online and offline retailers have their own sets of pluses and minuses. 

So let me know your views on the same.

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