Sunday 26 October 2014


Cross legged he sat, phone in one hand whiskey in another. The never ending notifications cluttered the home screen of his smart phone. He scrolled down searching for that notification, wishing it was from her. None. 

Well, he thought. 


He came offline that very instant, lest she comes online and God forbid, there's a real conversation with no pauses.

He locked the screen and waited, mildly distracted by the other chatty notifications.

*beep*, her phone chimed.

She sprang from her bed, the one chime she had wished for all day. 

That guy: Hey! 

She smiled, a smile brighter than the smart phone's screen. 

She kept the phone away, who even replies at the very instant?

Ten minutes limped away, she unlocked the phone. 

The rain wasn't interesting anymore. He unlocked the phone. 

Last seen at 19:27

Two ticks.

"Okay, so she saw the message, like seven minutes ago"


Hey! :) 

She replied. 


Light inside the screen, fireworks inside his heart.

But well, at least twenty minutes had to limp away.

Last seen at 19:59

Two ticks.

She sighed.


Well, the need to appear busy and have a life, after all. 

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PS: Hello :D
PPS: True story this is, no? I mean our generation is so lame -_- I just don't get the need to appear busy, like you know, OMG-I-am-so-busy-even-at-12-in-the-night-'cuz-hey!-You-HAVE-to-know-I-have-a-life-though-I-am-dying-to-talk-to-you-because-I-have-this-major-crush-on-you-but-well.
PPPS: I am getting real tired of having to pretend like I care about granularity and concurrency.


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