Saturday 23 August 2014

Nope, not mad at you.

PS: Are you new to this series? Go here. If not, then the girl wrote back. Go read.


Dear Boy,

Hi. My brother gave me the letter. 

PS: WE ARE NOT A PRICEY FAMILY. My brother is an MBA embryo. Deal with it.

So anyway, I just wanted to let you know that's its okay. I know you didn't mean to. Or well, I was really fine, actually. 

Until next time, 

Me :)

PPS: Thank you for the pendant, its beautiful.

PPPS: I miss you, I missed you so much. Now you tell me, what am I to do when you cancel a date like that? Every date involves work okay? I have to do my hair, do my nails and oh, I have to hold my heart from tripping away. Its like my nervous system goes haywire. The anticipation to see that stupid smile of yours kills me okay? And then I have to behave around you, that's a torture, I tell you. What with all that handsomeness, and you being so oblivious to it. What am I to do when all I want to do is kiss your mouth all the time? Umm? Plus you start humming songs, and occasionally wink :\  As if your pure existence wasn't enough to disorient me, you smile and laugh and ruffle your hair, making matters so much worse. Screw you. Okay, rant over.

PPPPS: Tell that damned jawbone and that nose that I missed them a pint more than the rest of you. Convey the same to the stubble and your bike's key and those aviators too.

PPPPPS: Nope, not mad at you. 

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P.....PS: Fiction, okay? 



  1. oh yea, fiction :P
    loved ur post :)

    1. Really, really fiction :D HandOnHeart.

      Thank you, Sara :)


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