Wednesday 4 June 2014 - June Love!

Picture this scenario - a 21 year old 20something *oops!* has just finished the pre-final year. Placement training is going on in full swing in college, and there is so much aptitude, so much of analytic thinking, so many group discussions and supremely grilling mock sessions of HR. Trust me when I say, the HR trainer guy sort of gives me nightmares -_- So in all the unfairness of having to attend college in vacations, from 8 to 5, with three sessions, and hardly 20 minutes break, what is a poor 20something to do? Yes, like always, virtual window shopping. 

From the past few days, I am sort of freaking out over the lack of a formal wardrobe. I don't think the HR guys will be very pleased if I walk in with ankle cut jeans and a t-shirt quoted "I am not always right, but I am never wrong" or "The Sun doesn't rise in the east, the earth revolves. Hence, education ruins lives" or "Ghanta Engineering" with a huge bell over it. That is when comes into picture. What if I told you, with a clever mix of stoles and shawls and shirts, you can pretend to be an elegant and classy 20something fit to work in the corporate world? And be true atleast about the classy part? :P 

By now you know I am absolutely in love with this portal. So much so, there are like a dozen stoles, they can fill up my June wish list. *And here you were thinking Ms.Kashyap missed out on wish list of the month! SmugFaceOn*  

In the words of Mr.Pankaj Dhingra, the COO,

 "Our Idea for concentrating on this particular segment was pretty obvious as it is truly an essential fashion accessory that has not so much promoted in India although it a make of Indian Subcontinent only. It is pretty amazing that an Indian product which is has a huge potential in each part of the world and yet it is not so promoted here. So the idea clicked and we started this project. We strongly believe this particular segment has a huge potential and within a short span of time the idea has grown tremendously."

If you ask me to pick one,  I won't be able to. But if you really really insist, then, these checks and stripes ones are fantastic. I love how the colors and the prints are in agreement with each other, there is no clash you know, no over powering. #Win They are perfect to be paired with solid hued tops. 

The fabrics include cotton, cotton silk, cashmere, viscose, silk, synthetic and more. The price range is affordable too. 

They also take up bulk orders. 

The website is clean with sections of men, women, fabric, style and more. There is also a sale going on, plus there is a section solely dedicated to fresh new arrivals. Who doesn't want to be the first now, know? You can shop by color, and also by price. They also have an option for you to place an order via phone. What more? They are offering free delivery on all shopping with no minimum charges. Isn't that great? You can pay via credit card, debit card or net banking. You can also choose cash on delivery. 

Yes, my next set of stoles will definitely come from them. The colors and prints and the style and fashion and oh! is too awesome to not own! :D 

What do you think? Let me know! :) 

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PS: This is a sponsored post. My views are honest, you know me. Yes, you do. 

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