Wednesday 28 May 2014


Back when I was eighth grade, I had suddenly developed a thing for glasses, you know. In my class, all the toppers and nerds wore glasses. Being the nerd *trust me I was!* and one in the toppers *Oh the good old sweet joy of topping class and all, now I pray to Almighty to just clear, like border pein clear the paper* :\ Okay so since I was one in the nerds and toppers troupe, I had to get the glasses. But you see, my parents were very particular about making me eat my vegetables, and carrots were always, like always the annoying part of my diet. I just couldn't get a problem with my eye sight. Then, my peanut sized nerd brain observed that all the glass-y people often complained about headaches for almost three weeks and BAM! They got brand new, classy, sophisticated glasses. 

By now, you must have already figured out. Yea, I faked a headache and got my pair. I spent three years congratulating myself for having scammed my mom, my daddy and the ophthalmologist. Only until after a couple of years my mom told me that everybody knew I was faking it. In her good friend ophthalmologist's words, "She's perfectly alright ma'am. Its okay, she just wants to be in trend. I will just give her dummy ones; she'll get over the hype soon".

I never got over it, and here I am, even today, obsessing over frames. That's what led me to I am always on the lookout for retro and vintage frames, or over the top sunglasses and I am glad I came across this portal.

 LensKart has eyeglasses, sunglasses, power sunglasses, contact lenses, prescription wear, sports eye-wear and also, they offer a home eye check up program.

I absolutely love the collection. I mean the variety is fantastic. The products are grouped based on the frame shape - aviator, oval, round, rectangle, and the frame color, frame size, frame material and what more? They are grouped on pricing too. The frame sizes and styles are equally alluring - full rim, rim less, reading and half rim. You ask it, they have it. 

Coming to the sunglasses, they have various brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Vogue, Ray Ban, FCUK, Boss Orange, Oakley, Carrera, John Jacobs, Mont Blanc, Killer, Vincent Chase etc. You should definitely check out the Bluetooth sunglasses. Also, the collection of polarized sunglasses and the wood ones is fantastic.

In my opinion, a pair of sunglasses can run the fashion meter notches higher. All you need to do is to find the right pair - and guess what? offers you a choice to check it online. 

Coming to contact lenses, they have stocked up on Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Aryan, Celebrations, Bio Medics, Oxy Color, Cooper Vision, Glamour Eye, Silk Lens, Bausch and Lomb and more. They provide fantastic variety with the contact lens variety too. 

I personally love the sports collection. The sunglasses look so fabulous!

Kids are not forgotten - they have their share of adorable sunglasses and eyeglasses in interesting colors, not taking any fun away! 

I definitely am a big believer of protecting eyes. As much as its fashion and style factor, it’s extremely important to protect your eyes from the heat in this hot summer. The UV rays are harmful and just a layer of sunscreen won't give you 100% protection. 

Who said eyeglasses shouldn't be stylish? Looking at the collection here, I really am tempted to fake headaches again ;) 

With all the goodness, the website also provides 14 Day Returns, a feature of cash-on-delivery and 24*7 customer care. They also have a store and doctor locator. 

Currently, they are running a discount offer of 15% on billings worth Rs.500+ and 50% on Rs.800+. Do make sure that you check the terms and conditions. 

Oh and yes, they are providing the frames free of cost when you buy the lens from there, go hurry up and order already!

Before I forget, they also have a cool gift voucher system. 

Overall, I definitely love the website. I am just hoping not to run myself bankrupt, what with the lovely collection!

You guys go check them out and tell me what you think :) 

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