Thursday 5 June 2014

Eyes on the road, freak!

It was around 6 PM, I think. Or 5 or 4 for all I know. Spending the whole day with you running in the back of my mind, boy, is not very healthy for my mind. You see I have other work to do, like breathe and eat and workout and obsess over you. Plus, deadlines to meet and responsibilities to handle. And then, its not even healthy okay? With you running in my head like that all the time, won't your legs hurt? Like seriously? Anyway, right when I was about to give up on you, about to believe that you weren't meant to be mine, you called. I know I know, such sappy lines from someone like me is having you in splits. But hey, you are the one to blame okay? Who asked you to be so whatever that you are? I am mad at myself for still being obsessed over that stupid lopsided smile of yours. Hmph! 

What were you thinking when you decided to be whatever you are being? In all honesty, I am supposed to be focused on important matters like career and finance; not obsess over supremely gorgeous men like you. At least when you are being a jerk, I can use that as an excuse and stop being bothered about you. But then you decided to be whatever you are being. And I am now forced, to fall more for you. Jerk.

The next time you place your hand on the small of my back while you walk us back to our table, the next time you switch places with the empty seat to sit next to me, the next time you smile all sweet while tampering my heart beat and oxygen intake, the next time you randomly say "You have such beautiful eyes, did you know?", the next time you put an arm across my shoulder and stretch your other arm to take a selfie, you better effin' know that this girl has a very messed up system. Her brain can go from cracks-95%-of-the-apti-questions to can't-count-till-5-damnit! in 0.345 seconds. Yes, that's all it takes, 0.345 seconds of you - your gaze, your touch, your breath.

The next time you  take my palm and clasp it between both of yours, the next time your fingers and mine entwine, the next time your face is so near to mine that I can see the soft shadow of your lashes in your eyes, and almost feel the prick of your stubble, you better hold me closer okay? The part of brain that handles muscle co-ordination and stuff like that, shuts itself off when a jerk like you gets my breath ragged. Well you did a good job though, you didn't let me trip. But hey, you can't stop me from falling more. Try me.
PS: How did you score such freakishly long lashes, boy? I would kill to own them!

And yes, for the love of god, I am just 21, moron. I have dreams and goals in life, I don't want to die anytime soon. If you really feel the need to kiss me, stop your stupid bike, park it on the side of the road, and then ask me to get off it and then, you know, umm, kiss. I ain't letting myself be fooled next time okay? How did you expect me to expect you to kiss, when all you did was whisper "You know what?", forcing me to rest my chin on your shoulder to listen to you, and you just turn around and kiss me, while you were STILL RIDING the damned bike? OMFG EYES ON THE ROAD, FREAK, LIPS OFF MINE! In those five seconds, there was 45497.34% possibility of us dying, whew!

But you know what? A death like that, well, I probably would have liked it. I anyway die every time you are anywhere 5 feet around me. What is a distance of less than 5 mm, know?

So yea, rant over. Try and be the jerk that you are, next time. I can't handle you being such a darling. There's only so much a girl can melt when the man she's always needed is actually becoming hers. Honestly.

Until next time,

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PS: FICTION. YES. NO, nothing is happening otherwise :'D You guys, *sigh!*

PPS: I know I know, I have been a jerk, posting only website reviews and yadaa yadaa. Apologies. Hope this post was enough to make up.

PPPS: Hi! How did you like it? 


  1. This is so beautiful. I'm going to share this with someone who will really want to hug you after reading this. :)

    1. Aaww thanks a lot! That's really sweet of you :)

  2. Nicely written. Enviable! :)

  3. Too good..! I'm spellbound..! :)


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