Wednesday 21 May 2014

Introducing Joy By Nature

I have been itching to do this post, and the timing just served right. Almost a month ago I realized that to get the fitness results you are striving for, you really really like REALLY have to watch your diet. I did so much research on eating right, its pretty damn easy to go paranoid reading labels. Before I launch into that post, here is what is making my life easier -

What if I told you, there is this website that is as organic, as natural and as healthy as it can get? From food items to clothing, from skin care to baby care, they have it all. Let me get into it one by one.

You need no introduction to today's food condition - everything is polluted, there are pesticides sprinkled and oh, lets not forget the chemical fertilizers. We might as well get down and drink phenol :\ The one solution to this is growing our own vegetables and fruits and grains. But that is a little too impossible for all of us, so we go find solace in organic food. Joy By Nature has them all stocked. Pulses, tea powder, edible oil and ghee, salt and sugar, and also, healthy snacks. Hello, 4 PM cravings. Go here to find them all. I am loving the chocolates in particular. Organic chocolate with lesser calories and so many many flavors? Come to mommy!

For all beauty enthusiasts here, how paranoid chemicals in the cosmetics drive us, know? Starting from the humble kajal to the bronzers, every other cosmetic is chemical laden in the name of preservatives and longer stay. Our shampoos and conditioners, soaps and face washes aren't far behind too. Hair care and skin care is also definitely a lot of chemicals. While we can't get rid of them completely, we can try and inculcate as much natural products are possible. Nail kits, facial kits and body firming products are available too. For all fabulous, fabulous options, go hereEye care products are equally wonderful.Its all interesting, I promise. Who said natural products have to be dull and boring?!

You can also find yoga mats, yoga pants, kurtis and shawls made of natural fabrics. They are such a welcome relief from the heat, what with light weight, crispness and oh-so-breathable.Joy By Nature offers a lot of variety here too. Oh and ladies, you'll  find super stylish tops too. 

Moms are always so careful about their babies, you can term it borderline obsessive! Now, why not? Those little munchkins deserve and need that amount of care. You can find many products for baby hair care, skin care, food, bath, lunch bags for kids, onesies *jeez so adorable!* oral care and more.

Want to indulge in some relaxation? You can find massage oils, essential oils, carrier oils too. They also sell candles, incense sticks, roll ons, diffusers and accessories, air fresheners, home decor items, laundry and cleaners and more! 

Plus, there are products for specific health concerns like diabetes, weight management, pain relief, diets and more. 

They have a fantastic amalgamation of brands too. You can find Iraya, OmVed, Rustic Art, Soul Tree, AuraVedic and more. 

Overall, Joy By Nature is like that one shop you can buy all things good from. The pricing is reasonable too. They offer free shopping for billings worth more than Rs.499/-and also have a 30 Day Return policy. 

I am definitely getting all my munchies from them, I have found the perfect place for healthy food that will actually taste good and not bleh. 

Go check them out, I promise you'll love the concept just like I did :) 

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PS: This is a sponsored post. But you guys know me, honest reviews. Hand on Heart. 

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