Friday 11 April 2014


Her heart thumped in her chest as she walked towards him.

He stood there in all his handsomeness, a small smile on his face. His eyes shined with a glimmer of hope, a little of anxiety and a lot of I-can't-wait. 

Her steps got shorter and more stable. Breathe.

"Hey", his small smile widened 3X as he shook her hand.

"Sorry, I got stuck in traffic", she apologized as she shook back.

"Not an issue. Let's rush already."

No small talks today.

"Here is yours", he handed her the chit that belonged to her.

"Thanks", she stuttered.

"This way, ma'am", the friendly girl at the entrance waved. 

"Sure, thanks", she murmured quietly.

After a couple of minutes of checking, it was over. 

"6 is that way", the friendly girl guided again.

She just smiled. There is only so many times you can repeat the word 'Thanks'.

He joined her on the way to 6.

She tried stealing a glance of him from the corner of her eyes, but her smile came back when she caught him already stealing a glance. 

Oh oh.

They looked away in opposite directions, eyes adorning the typical walls of the way that lead to 6. 

As they approached the doors, darkness took over their eyes. 

He led her in first and she stumbled, right at the door. Ouch.

He held her back before she tumbled and clutched her arm, ever so gently, yet so firmly. 

As they took combined steps ahead, little LED lights sparkled, defining the elevations of the steps.

Her eyes twinkled brighter, defining the elevations of her heart beat.

On reaching, he eased her arm away from his firm grip. An LED bulb didn't glow anymore.

Three minutes later, his fingers and hers entwined, and when he looked into her eyes, a thousand LEDs showed their presence, being counter reflected from his eyes to hers, and her eyes to his and. 

At that very moment in the very dark PVR, sparks flew like electricity, illuminating his whole existence, and hers.  

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PS: Fiction. :)
PPS: Title credits, Taylor Swift.
PPS: How you 'doin?


  1. Beautiful ! Im gonna remember this every time I go to PVR now <3

  2. Beautiful narration of such counters and this one was so real!!


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