Wednesday 9 April 2014

Very Wordful Wednesday

Today was supposed to be Wordless Wednesday.

But then, how can I not talk, know?

Its just that I don't want to rant - TRUST ME!

My life is always in extremes - 

1. Either I am lounging around in pjs and flip flops, hair tied up in top knot, running HIMYM marathons, reading books and pretending to be very Bohemian, or I am going bonkers writing 2 records at once - both hands at work, blasting music to deviate myself from plotting murders, hurling obscene very un-ladylike words.
I was kidding about writing in both hands, obviously.

2. Either nothing really happens in life, ya know. Regular, stable. Just the way granny makes my morning coffee - perfect sugar, perfect warmth, perfect amount of froth and all.
Or, everything happens at once - like going down a water slide. That shizz is scary okay? Someone midget height-ed with major phobia of heights, has to slide down a damned slippery downhill with nobody around. ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? OMG I AM GOING TO DIE! THAT'S IT! OVER! OH MY GOD! I HAVEN'T EVEN WATCHED SEASON 6 OF HIMYM! OH BOY! I DON'T WANT TO DIE. TELL MY SISTER I LOVE HER VERY MUCH AND SHE GETS TO OWN MY iPAD AFTER I DIE. I MEAN *splash!* 
*kicks around in water, gets pulled up*
Oh, hi :D 

So Universe decided to have fun and now the latter parts of both pointers are happening. Simultaneously

No, I am not really thrilled.

Give me ten days before I come around and spam. I have scheduled some quickie posts though, miss me.

Plus, here is a wordless Wednesday post.

For the sake of it :)

I am nice like that.

Go, make a wish :)

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  1. Hahah omg you pretty much described my life atm. Hectic is an understatement aahhh
    Kinda sadistic but I'm glad I'm not alone :P
    Good luck with whatever you're up to lol

  2. Haha Sakshi, I get it girl :D Lol good luck to you too :D :) Lets get through it together, sister 8)

  3. made a wish and hope you have a good week coming up ahead of you :)


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