Sunday 13 April 2014

The Week That Was

Its a funny thing. Life. Just when you think you are having the best time you can, it all goes tumbling down. And just when you think you have had enough of it and start and try giving up, it all gets better. Better than what it was before :)

This week has been so special, so good. Many firsts, many firsts-after-a-long-time :) *No, no kisses :P Get that sappiness out of your brain already -_-*

This is probably one week that was a total roller-coaster in a long time. One moment I am stressing over the semester, whining and fussing, the next moment I am patting my own back over an unexpected triumph. 

One moment I am breaking head over confusions and messes, the next I am gushing over simple things that make life so much better.

One moment I am almost on the verge of breaking down, next moment I am laughing so hard my tummy hurts and there are tears in my eyes 'cuz of laughing that hard, rolling on floor and all. 

One moment I look like a zombie, so zombie that I can get the main lead to Zombie Apocalypse without auditions, next moment I am carefully even-ing out a winged liner, kohl-ing my eyes, admiring the reflection in the mirror. *Narcissism? Umm yea.*

One moment I am switching off music and getting pissed at anything that makes minute noise, even breathing and the next moment, I am gearing up to revive my hobby of music I quit a few years ago. I might sign up for refreshment courses soon :) 

One thing I have learnt this week is, no matter what positions and situations we are in, things are always getting better. Far, far better things are ahead. Somehow, we get used to regular life, settle down - into comfort zones and less than what we really deserve.

All I have understood is, know is, you'll always end up in a better place than you are. When you walk out of a storm, you'll be a far better, far stronger person. May it be career, love, families and relationships, whatever. And love, especially love. If you are going through a heart break, wipe those tears away. I have come to meet such wonderful guys in the past few days - some single, some in relationships,some players too :D But the fact that 90% of them turned out to be such gems, its just a very good feeling. May be its about being strong and being the woman that you want to be, you know. Just being so unapologetic-ly yourself, its a victory in itself. Trust me when I say being oneself is such a hard thing. Like really tough. Stay strong and face it all, because what comes to you later will be so much better than everything that you ever had :)

PS: I ain't going through anything majorly breathtaking or huge :P Its just a flow of thoughts, and I thought I should document them while I summarized the week. I am perfectly okay, no sappy and all.

So here is how my week was - some pictures made to Instagram, some didn't.

Cramming nights, all nights were oh-so-crammy -_- 

This hair band was gifted by my bestie. She included the cutest damn note, and some more items in the same theme. I couldn't resist taking a picture. *ahem*

Grumpy morning stories. Coffee is such a life savior. I swear.  Period. 

You know those midnight selfies you click because, oh to hell with reasons -_- Just because you want to, you click and click and *click*! 

I have such genius friends, we all together can build companies that can put all MNCs put together to shame. A very dear friend wrote this, I couldn't be prouder :') Satheesh, you are such a gifted child, my boy :') 
*Those of you that didn't get it, Computer Graphics is a subject where we learn to code for all-things-graphic you see on your screen. This genius just printed an 'O' on the screen, instead of writing code to create a circle - this program code here is so primary, so basic, it's like a toddler's scribble on the walls even before he learns to write. The illiterate brain of his could produce those meaningless scribbles. Its that basic.*

I do believe in healthy beginnings in the mornings. Most days its a cup of green tea. Green tea is such an acquired taste - the pig on the cup makes it so much bearable.
*Notice how strategically I placed it on the computer table? I HAVE to make sure you know I am working real hard these days *smug face**

But then you say "FTS!" and eat a biiiig bar of chocolate all by yourself. 

This quote is my driving force. And this quote :

“You know what’s really, powerfully sexy? A sense of humor. A taste for adventure. A healthy glow. Hips to grab on to. Openness. Confidence. Humility. Appetite. Intuition. Smart-ass comebacks. Presence. A quick wit. Dirty jokes told by an innocent-looking lady. A storyteller. A genius. A doctor. A new mother. A woman who realizes how beautiful she is.”

― Courtney E Martin

How was your week? Shoot a comment and let me know :)

Oh and my fitness levels are shooting up, I am developing muscles, biceps and all. A shoulder cut also. *swag face*

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  1. Oh boy! I can literally feel every single letter on here. Those quotes are by far some of my favorite ones to help me be myself. Which is when I'm happiest. I think it's really important for us to revel in our flaws cause all these silly nuances and flaws make us imperfectly perfect! :D

    Also the bipolar like traits of life..totally can relate to that lol

    P.S I love your blog! It's like this happy sunny place I've grown to love over the months.

    1. Yea, quotes help stay on track, keep in touch with being us know? Glad you liked it :)
      PS: I am glad you connect with my ramblings Sakshi :D Means a lot, thank you so much! You make my day every-time you comment ^_^

  2. Nami..your posts makes me think, dream, laugh, cry and love all at once...keep going girl...lots of love...opal

  3. Opal! Thanks so much, I am so glad I evoke a response in you :) Pleasure is all mine :* Lots of love back :)


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