Sunday 2 March 2014

March is Gold

February has been a bad,bad girl. Really -_- It being a birthday month, I had expected to have a nice month. Though the birthday went really, really good, the month was a bleh. I no likes.

I think it was because I didn't do a wish list, and the month got jinxed or something.

Or that I was neck deep in work, had no time for myself, dealt with lot of upsetting situations, was sleep deprived and didn't workout for close to 15 days out of 28.

Whichever seems more acceptable.

Anyway, March is here. It seems promising. I had a weekend all to myself - Sherlock and HIMYM marathons, feasible workout routines planned (I shall update you guys on that one) and a month that has many holidays. Happy happy.

So here is a wish list. (You already have a hint ;))

I am craving all things with a golden tone. Don't know why. I am not a gold person, really. I crave shimmer and glitter. Diamonds may be. Still, this month (though two days into it), everything golden is catching my eye.

1. This clutch

Found this in random Pinterest sessions. I don't know why, something about this baby makes me squeal with joy o_o. Come to mommy, baby.

2. Golden Highlights

I had been a hair color virgin until an year ago when I got red streaks which now, have turned to very annoying copper brown or some creepy color in that family, the texture can put dried hay to shame. People sometime ask me if its artificial hair -_- I mean those few strands of hair are like opposition party. They HAVE to go in an opposite direction - ALL THE TIME. In a pony, they come to the side and pose. In a braid , any braid, they sort of stand out - like literally. My hair is way too diseased now to leave it open, so no comments on that. Still, I am craving, like craving for some golden in my hair. I want some in the crown area, and some in the tips, some everywhere. ARGH. To bring myself to phase, I have promised myself one streak, just one streak, if I hit my fitness goal this month ;) Clever, know?

3. Golden Flats

Summer is here, so here. Though the early mornings and evenings are fabulous, with breeze and sappiness, mornings till around 6 PM are such a pain. Ballerinas are a total no-no for me in summer. Though they save the feet from tan, they are so uncomfortable. I want to indulge in fuss free flats, even though my midget-ism becomes very obvious. I AIN'T SHORT, I AM CONCENTRATED AWESOMENESS, OKAYYY?? >:(
4. Colored Jeans

Yea, the fever is still on. Pink, blue and red won't just cut it yet. I want trousers/jeans in yellow and teal. Pairing them with golden will be, golden. Plus they are an incentive to workout more ;)

5. Cat Frame Sunnies

What is summer without sunnies, know? Cat frames always take my heart away. Though this is not golden, I have been lusting after these from long. Any clue where to get similar ones from?

That's pretty much it. This month's main goal is fitness. I am solely focusing on it this time.

Let me know how February was.

What are you craving for this March? :)
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PS: Three images are from Pinterest.
The cat frames are from Polyvore.
The golden flats from here.

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  1. Great compilation.. and those cat eyed frames.. Ive been wanting something similar since sometime now..

  2. Gold highlights looks awesome..

  3. I am craving for a jacket anarkali, MAC Doubonnet/Fastplay lipstick, some F21 arm candys (y the hell don't they open up in Bangalore?:( )

    1. Jacket anarkalis ^_^ IKR? Sometimes all the known stores still don't cut it -_-

  4. Never bought a colored jeans before, thanks for the inspiration!! x

  5. I toooootally agree with the birthday month jinx, and i am a February born too! And speaking of gold things, Maybelline had this real nice gold-ish lipstick. not gaudy, just really nice! cant find it anymore!!


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