Monday 3 March 2014

Fitness Just Got Serious.

If days were shoes, Mondays would be crocs. True Story. *Insert Barney with a glass of champagne here*

But I have also realized Mondays are awesome for anything to be started. I don't know, may be I have an OCD or something.

Anyway, here is the thing.

Thanks to too much workload, I hardly worked out in February. I was supposed to get used to Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, since 30 Day Shred decided that it won't work for me anymore. *Hint hint: I am proud, finally mastered all levels 8)*. But I hardly worked out for the first ten days and then *swoosh!* I got sucked into life. Bad moods, bad days, bad hair days.

And that is why, I am kick starting, all over again. Trust me when I say its no fun starting over :( I have always had a trouble keeping up with diet, food is my first love. But in the past week, I tried the GM diet. *hides face*. I had done it once a couple of years ago. I just wanted to kick start a good regimen and failed. So miserably. I mean, holding your cravings back can lead to over-eating. And that is not nice. I didn't hog down calories as such, but I don't feel great either. I would rather workout for an hour and eat moderately than not workout and eat like a sparrow. Also, I have lost 3 kgs. No, I am not happy. I feel heavier and sluggish! Plus, diets make me cranky and snappy. *I am still a wee-bit cranky, even today >:(*

That is why, I have given up on extreme dieting. A moderate diet with moderate of everything is what will work.

Since a lot of you guys mail me asking for my diet plan, here is a break down. I am not much of a fussy eater, plus since I leave around 7 AM and am home back by 6 PM, I don't have much options. Anyway, here is a blue print:

1. I start the day with green tea. A big cup with a dash of lemon.
2. Breakfast - typical South Indian - idlis/dosas/poha/chapati and veggies/rice (one day)
3. Lunch - mostly the breakfast only 'cuz I don't like canteen food and HATE rice for lunch -_-
4. Dinner - brown rice and curry (its around 6 30 PM, I finish dinner as soon as I am home since I am up till late nights, plus I am famished by the time I am home. I would rather complete dinner than hog down calories and again gorge dinner. The timings suit me right :) )

And whilst I am in college, I tend to drink juices (mostly packed stuff - Tropicana, Fruity kinds) and sometimes, soft drinks. (until a week ago, I would experience withdrawal symptoms without my daily dose of Maaza. Now I am okay, the GM diet took the addiction away). And they are my only grievances since they are so full of sugars and preservatives. So by controlling them, my diet is in check. Portion control is something I have always found pretty easy.

So this is the scene for food.

If you guys have been following me regularly, you'll know I am fussing about the last 5-8 kg from close to three-four months. It sucks, really. I mean I hadn't understood the concept of weight plateau until recently. Your body just gets used  to workouts. All it takes is a month. Since 30DS had three levels, it gave me good results for a good amount of time. (Sometimes I would mix up levels, it worked fine).
After doing ALL three levels one after the other for one whole month, and losing hardly any weight and meager inches, I LOST IT.

 It gets frustrating.

After a lot of reading, I now know that your body is made to be challenged. It adapts itself to any circumstance. *Mine is apparently a fast adapter -_- It takes me 15 days to see results - proper workout = fitter, toner body; laziness = muffin tops and sluggish feel -_-*

That is why, I am taking a proper month, in fact exactly 27 days to observe. Starting today, I will be doing Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones on alternative days. Anytime I feel bored, I will be doing random videos from Insanity. The diet will be controlled (I hope!).

I shall update you guys around April 1st with a before and after picture.

Until then, fitness posts will only be motivational. I don't have any opinions about the fitness videos yet, all I can say is they are gruesome.

*I know, the post is a monologue :P Its like a remainder and a log for me and those of you that wrote in asking for the results of BFBM.*

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  1. Thought I was the only one who liked to start things on Mondays!!! Great minds must think alike ;)


  2. All the best!! Keep it up!! :))

  3. I've been slacking too. Also, I find sweet corn to be a great, filling, healthy, low-calorie snack (at least I think it's low calorie. I didn't double-check that). I like it hot, with salt, pepper and a dash of lemon. Yum!

    1. Sweet corn is awesome :D All the best, V! :) Let me know how it goes.


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