Friday 28 February 2014

Love Long Hair - 1

I think there should be a kind of secrecy in certain things of life. Like, what if we all knew what color is next in the packet of Gems? *What? Am I the only one that shuts eyes close when choosing a Gem? :o* The fun is not knowing where the lava is in the chocolate lava cake at Dominoz. *I mean ya, its at the center, but that moment when the cake breaks and the yumminess flows ^_^ *Sigh**, the fun is not knowing what is in the next page, know? If we knew everything, the point to point details of the whole life, it would be all too boring, I think.

But also, what makes life a lot more interesting are two cute bottles. The bottles that came in a carton that says "Love Long Hair". The bottles say the same, with labels as to which is the shampoo and which is the conditioner.
It's a lil scary too.

But its more interesting.

Yes, as the wonderful, wonderful, total sweetheart of a blogger *ahem* that I am *ahem*, I am taking up a blind test.

I have absolutely no clue about the shampoo and the conditioner's brand, the ingredients, the cost. Nothing. Nada. Niente.

I received a mail from a PR a while ago, and after sharing my details, I received the hamper a couple of days ago. Since it was my Oil-Thy-Hair-Prior-HairWash-Day that day, I postponed the testing to today. I shall be using the product for a few washes, and updating you guys about everything - how it fared, or not. Plus all the details about the product.

Here are my hair's latest facts :

Length : A few inches beyond my shoulder, in close to half a dozen layers. The shortest length ending near my chin, to the longest going almost to my waist. Plus fringes (well they are not neatly defined anymore, longer now)
Texture : Wavy at the ends,, mildly wavy-ish through the length.
Nature : Dry by default. Proper oiling, a good moisturizing shampoo-conditioner duo, a good serum is pretty much enough though, it behaves.
Current condition : Thanks to the changing weather, a lot of split ends. *Plus I haven't trimmed it from like three months. I WANT long hair and I shall not chop it off anytime soon. Hello, braids and buns :)*

Here are some pictures - the middle one is at its best behavior, which it mostly is not. I added it to give you an idea about the length. The extreme right is how it looks on good hair days (minus the highlights now :( ), the extreme left is on average hair days.

So that's about it. I shall wash my hair today *no oiling* and wash more in other conditions *after a sunny, sunny day, a windy,windy day, Oil-Thy-Hair-Prior-HairWash day, you get the drift*, and let you guys know, okay?

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Till then, miss me.

Or actually, don't.

I have glued myself to the chair scheduling posts. Even I am sick of my absence.

How you 'doin?

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  1. Me too follow the same routine except for one small addition. Moi too have dry-rebellious-cur"v"y hair, extreme dry scalp. I wash my hair alternate days, with olive oil on scalp and tender coconut oil (parachute) towards the end. Wash my hair, just to remove oily feeling followed by conditioner (both tresemme) and then...the additional step: Hair masque..I am using Mythical oil one, and the non mandatory step: mythical oil serum. On weekends I use loreal anti-dandruff shampoo . Long routine, ...but that the only thing that works for my hair :)

    1. Mythical thing works? Let me know! I have taken a pledge not to cut my hair until it reaches a certain length that has been decided by daddy, any violation on my part leads to me becoming homeless -_- Plus the intense workouts require a lot of washing, there is no point in splurging on hair cuts until I can take proper care :P So yea, let me know :)


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