Wednesday 26 February 2014

You have 145 WhatsApp notifications.

She came home. Wifi connected. Of-course, home is where wifi connects automatically.

Her phone lit up.

You have 145 new WhatsApp notifications

Sneha Gupta and 12 others commented on your photo.."OMG my pretty babe! Look at you :* My hottie!"

LINE sent you a message

lifeisbeautiful liked your photo

lifeisbeautiful liked your photo

lifeisbeautiful liked your photo

lifeisbeautiful liked your photo

lifeisbeautiful liked your photo

lifeisbeautiful liked your photo

lifeisbeautiful liked your photo

lifeisbeautiful liked your photo

@lifeisbeautiful is now following you

Gmail: You have 23 new mails

Candy Crush: You now have five new lives!

Asphalt: Looks like you haven't hit the roads in a while. Why don't you come and drift?

She sighed, wondering what to open first. But her fingers were trained to slide along the glass pane that read

You have 145 WhatsApp notifications

She skimmed through them - sweet messages, groups renamed.  She giggled at the group name of the inner circle, an inside joke in her celebration.

She replied back to everybody.

It was 6 PM.

6 hours for the day to end.

A dinner awaited. Typical. Predictable. More of an obligation. A little fun.

She was back home at 10 PM.

2 hours for the day to end.

She changed to her comfy pyjamas and tees, tied her hair up. Splashed water on her face and scrubbed the day away.

It was a bitter sweet day.

By 11, she made her bed. Battery read 39%. It would start beeping in a while.

With nothing else to do, she opened the chat app.

And scrolled down for a few seconds. The time stamp read 3 Feb over the conversation of four lines.

She sighed, again.

She checked the header of the conversation.

Last seen at 10 56 pm

Oh, okay.

It was the same all day.

Last seen at 7 30 am

Last seen at 11 46 am

Last seen at 2 30 pm

Last seen at 4 12 pm

Last seen at 4 15 pm


Last seen at 6 01 pm




Last seen at 9 pm



Last seen at 9 53 pm

It was the same cycle, all day.

She scolded herself. "C'mon, don't be so grumpy. I mean it doesn't matter, does it? Don't be such a stalker."

She updated her status.

"You life my feet of the ground, you spin me around, you make me crazier, crazier"

And then she went to the chats again.

Last seen at 11 04 pm

Just then, just right then, she lost it.

She told herself to go to bed.

She switched her laptop off, and opened the window, she pulled the curtains down. The orange walls looked beautiful with the soft light from the street lights. Illuminated. Her phone lit up, and illuminated her face.

Just one last time, she told herself.

And went to the chats. Again.


Okay, so that's it.

She thought.

Happy Birthday Viii :) I am sorry I am wishing so late, I forgot.

Hey! No problem. Thank you so much :) :) :) 

:D How was your day?

It was awesome :) :) Yours?

(y) Yea it was okay. Just a regular day. Well gtg. Goodnight.

Sure, goodnight :) sleep tight :) take care! 


Last seen at 11 56 pm.

She smacked herself in the head and laughed, thinking to herself.

"Crushes, I tell you!"        

She switched the wifi off. Her phone battery died, her face was illuminated.                              

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PS: The image doesn't belong to me, the source has been mentioned.
PPS: Fiction :D


  1. I can sssoo badly relateee to it. Goddddd, you have me in your head, girl ! :O Lovely!! :*


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