Sunday 2 February 2014

But Honestly, Ridiculous - (3)

If you are new to the series, here is part 1 and here is part 2.


"Yes yes lets go!", he was back to Pokemon clutching beamy kid.

And my world had collapsed right there. I mean, the butterflies were in confusion and asking me, "WTF, Nam? Girl friend? Oh what is this thing here? Looks like a gun, doesn't it bro?". They were asking one another. The butterflies were rapidly getting shot.

It was an eight minute walk from block B to canteen. I was still in confusion, my brain didn't know what to do. Save the butterflies or let them die? There were too many butterflies, by the way. I think the butterflies had mated all morning and now the bullets from the gun were falling short.

Dhruv was walking by me looking around in awe. I mean, little things like random notice boards with a dozen posters caught his complete attention. He was excitedly looking around and asking me stupid questions and I decided to stick with umm yeas.

"Oh this is the HOD's cabin? Nice!" "Umm yea" Why? Do you want to make friends with her already? "You have the same time for lunch every day?" "Aah yea" Ofcourse yea, duh! "What do you think of Mr. Gupta? I think he is interesting! Don't you think so?" "Hehe ya" I don't freakin' know who he is, loser.

I honestly couldn't blame my mind for going from OMGHeIsSoHot to bitch mode in 0.003 minutes. I had this interesting theory which was always right. The guys that I liked for how good they were to look at:

1. Were extremely dumb. Like they were so dumb they made me cry.
2. Had a girlfriend
3. Were self obsessed, courtesy the hot looks I fell for.

Thanks to this, I never made mistakes, I dated them.

Of all people, the least I wanted to prove this theory right was Dhruv. He was one guy I was crushing on super hard after so long. I hated to know that he had a girl friend. My butterflies were violated, so violated. I could almost hear one butterfly say, "Oh Nam! Never mind, we will find someone like him" and then another  one said, "Nah bro, she found this mint vanilla blah combo guy way too, what? Ridiculously hot!".
Those two were instantly shot.

With such intense thoughts in my head, Mr.RidiculouslyHot had definitely found me weirder than I was. Of-course.

"Nam, you okay?"

"Umm yea". WTF Nam!

"You don't seem so. Did I err do something wrong?", he was so concerned.

"Hehe no no. I am super hungry. I skipped breakfast plus didn't have time to go to the canteen through the day, so yea."

"Oh! Here", he produced a Snickers bar.

"No thank you, will any way have lunch now", I politely declined.

"For later then may be", he stuffed it into my palm, "chirpy you is nice you"

My sweaty palm clutched the damned bar of Snickers.

"Haha thanks. And we are at the canteen."

"YAY foooood!"

I could keep my hand on my heart and say I hadn't found a guy this full of energy at 1 15 PM.

My retards were already seated at a table with his brand new friends. Curious looks on their faces, they were awaiting our arrival. I pointed the counter to Dhruv and  let the guys go buy food for us. I was already exhausted.

Ana read my face like always, "You okay, Nam?"

"He has a girlfriend", I made a face. I could put a lost pup to shame with that face.

"Aww my poor baby come here" As my best friend, it was her duty to comfort me at the time of emotional crisis. Or when the ridiculously hot species had a girl friend.

"Umm, lets not make it obvious that I am upset, okay? He might have already heard me drooling in bus, I am not sure", I gave her a quick gist from the morning bus episode.

She vowed not to let me do anything stupid and for the rest of the day stayed with me, shielding me from the aura of that species.

Staying away from being alone with him had given me enough time to compose myself. I didn't have to be delusional. I had hardly known the guy and now that I knew he had a girlfriend, I didn't want to intervene. I had seen relationships crumble, thanks to the third person always being a total screw up, and I didn't want to be the one messing. I was 20, for crying out loud. I told myself I shouldn't be acting like a love lorn teenager. It took me a while to convince the remaining a dozen or so injured, fractured butterflies that they weren't supposed to flutter.

By 4 PM I was in the bus, waiting for my bus to leave, in like half an hour. I was super sure of having become a hugely mature, extremely sophisticated woman who could handle a lame, stupid crush. I hadn't felt the need to wait for him, or go near his class. I didn't want to test run my solid algorithm of handling this mighty crush.I was looking out of the window, lost in the steps of my algorithm.

"Nam! Where were you? I was almost lost trying to reach the bus yard!", he took a deep breath as he dumped himself next to me.

Dude really? You are what? Like 24? And couldn't find your way to bus yard? Did you like use Apple Maps?

I so resisted myself from rolling my eyes at him.

"Err sorry, I had to go to the library and sort of forgot!", sheepishly I grinned at him.

"That's okay. I discovered the garden, its so beautiful! I can't wait to bring in my cam and start clicking this place already!"

Oh. He was also a photographer. Plus he was excessively obsessed with nature. Like me. It was always so me to look around and howl in joy at the marvels of nature - be it a pretty, pretty flower or a puddle. I loved the beauty of it all.

"Photography? Nice!"

"Yup, its my passion. Let me click some pictures tomorrow then. So tell me about yourself. Where did you do your pre-univ? Which school? What are your hobbies? Where have you put up? Wait! You are in my stop, so you should be staying somewhere near then! Damn how come I never saw you before? Weird! I am always.."

He kept rambling and I kept holding myself together. Damn the mint vanilla blah combo.

"School SCVK, pre- univ MSSC. Hobbies umm I sing, I write and read a lot. My place is like five minute walk from the stop, three buildings after Goli. How about you?"

"GOLI? Like really? I AM ALWAYS THERE!!"

So? Its not like I sit there waiting for you all day. Get over yourself. Or stop being so hot. Or don't have a girlfriend. 

"Haha. Which school? College? What does 'the' girlfriend do?". I just couldn't hold 'the' girlfriend part in. Neither could I hold in the air quotes.

"School and pre-univ VPS. UG SCJIT. Yay, CBSE", he extended a fist pump."And 'the' girlfriend, Priya, she is working now, economics grad ", he air quoted too.

"Umm. How long is she being lucky from?" What on earth was wrong with me? At that moment, I wanted to duct tape my mouth and never be found again. Not even near Goli.

"Lucky? Hahah! I am lucky, she is a total doll. Its been four years"

The man had commitment in him. Respect.

"Sweet! Four years is beautiful. All the best!", I wished him with all my heart.

"Ha thanks. What about you? What about Mr.Right?"

Mr.Right has Priya from four years.

"Well no Mr.Rights for me. Forever alone", I giggled.

"Oh please! You are such a catch! Just wait until the right guy finds you, he should be so lucky!"

You hardly know me, stop blah-ing. 

"IKR? Anybody should be lucky to have her for a girlfriend. Unlucky you!", Ana chimed in.

I didn't know what to do. I mean it was just so awkward. Jeez. Dhruv sat there with a half grin on his face, and I was frozen in my place. Why Ana, why? I didn't know she was listening to us, ear-phones-plugged-in-Ana was a disconnected-from-the-world Ana. Always. But today, she was extremely connected.

"Ana, stop it!", I half giggled, half smiled. I didn't know what to do to lighten the situation. The meter ran high on awkwardness.

"Oh she is right. You definitely are a catch, a sweet one at that. Why would anybody want to help a total stranger all day? Thank you so much, Nam", he was smiling.

May be because the total stranger is extremely handsome?

"Oh no problem"

By then, the bus was filled and Dhruv didn't show any signs of going to the seat eight feet in front of me. I accepted the fact that I have to undergo the torture every day, starting then.

His phone crooned again and the screen flashed a pretty girl named 'Priya'.

Plus the torture of listening to him talk to her.

Life is so unfair.

While he spoke to his doll, I plugged into music and decided to fake sleep just to make sure he wouldn't bother me. It worked well.

Until forty minutes later I felt his cheek grazing my shoulder, searching for some support. He had fallen asleep. At some point he had ended the call and plugged into music. His ear phones stayed put in his ears. This guy fell asleep to music, just like me. Why did he have to be so perfect? I was still in the moral dilemma of moving just an inch closer to him to provide support, or to move an inch away to get rid of his stubble and his cheek.

A speed breaker came by bringing a mild thud and he rested his face on my shoulder.

Somehow at that moment, I felt my balance return to me. I didn't want to hit on him anymore. He belonged to another woman. He could be any hotter, any less hotter, but he was taken. He was madly in love with a girl, and she had a heart, just like me. They were happy and they deserved to be. Four years wasn't easy. I decided to be a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sometimes you gotta be your own lil hero and save your own lil heart.

I turned towards him and saw a peaceful face deep in sleep.

I smiled at my thought process and mentally patted myself on the back for having handled this well.

And the sun shone bright, illuminating the skies.

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To be continued.

PS: I am so sorry I went absconding. Semester is on full swing, and I haven't had proper net connection. BSNL is playing piano on my modem's lamps. The music sucks, really.
PPS: Tell me how you liked it. Story, not music :P
PPPS: Fiction, like always.
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  1. Awesome Namitha! I like the way you develop the content... thoroughly enjoyed each line!!

  2. Lovely...can't wait for the next part :)) :))


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