Sunday 9 February 2014

Maybelline Color Elixir in Mandarin Rapture Review

There are some days where you wake up and you are like, "Oh I love everybody! Oh, look at that bus, how cute! OMG that is such a pretty pair of shoes, girl!" Days where random pups are adorable and world is just a beautiful, beautiful place.

And then there are days, straight out of rotten e-cards.

"Look at the beaattchh in those ugly shoes! Eeww!"

"OMG that is one dirty creature! Shooo!"

"What is wrong with everybody? Why is everybody so annoying? Leave me effin' alone! Grrrrrr"

Understandably, the second kind of days are a result of sleepless nights, thanks to busy days.

And on days like that when I am straight out of an e-card, I prefer doing it whilst I look pretty ;)

What better way to brighten up the face than some lip color?

Say hello to the infamous Maybelline lip polishes.

I know I know, I am like the last one to review these babies but well, this particular color was tricky alright?!

Maybelline sent across this pretty color a while ago, and I finally found the right way to work it.

Heavy eye makeup/sad eyes/puppy eyes/DarkCirclesBecauseIAmStupidAndIDon'tHitTheSackEarly eyes etc.

So this color instantly, like super instantly brightens up face.

Go here to read what Maybelline says about it.

Let me quickly review it for you guys.

This shade is called Mandarin Rupture and it looks a lot coral-orange in the tube, but goes super sheer on the lips. Its pretty sticky, stays for around 3 hours with no eating-drinking-etc. It gives a nice orangish color that isn't neon orange. So if you are starter with oranges, this is your pick. You can build the color with a few swipes and that's an added advantage. It looks lovely on fair to medium skin tones, might wash out dusky skin tones. It smells umm *weird face* umm nice :D *Honestly, I am bad at describing fragrances, okay? Its always floral/citrusy/that's it I know*. It has super minute glitters and they give the sheen. Likes.

My only problem is with the pigmentation. I don't know if its only this color/this particular product I received, it lacks a little in the pigmentation department. I require close to 4 fully loaded swipes for the color to show up and brighten me up. It can be pretty annoying there as, thicker the layer, more it transfers to stuff - catches hair. Tupperware bottles look funny with orange casting around, trust me. Its like they have little mushes :{D

And that's pretty much it.

Except for the pigmentation, I love love love the product.

Will I buy it again?
May be, but I am more of a lipbalm - lipstick - smudge - lip balm = lip tint voila girl, so yea. When I need sheen, I'll go for this.

It perfectly complements heavy eye makeup looks. You can't find a better match, I promise.

It costs Rs.450 for 5ml.

Have you guys used this? Liked? Loathed? Let me know! :)

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  1. coral is so IN this season :) love the shade on u

  2. Gr8 post and so needful to me as I am always so confused on buying Lip-glosses and Lip-balms... thanx gurl.. :-)


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