Friday 24 January 2014

Friday's Fitness Motivation and a Question!

*hyperventilates!* I WILL TURN 21 in 21 days! :O :O Time really does fly, know? I am already hyper excited about this birthday, though :D And I don't know why! Hah!

So keeping the birthday spirit in mind, I am working out real hard these days. No kidding. Every evening after an hour on kick ass workouts, I am a sweaty mess running for a shower -_- I am actually *cough* dieting! *cough* You've got to believe me when I say I haven't had a single piece of junk in the past two weeks. Going by my love for food which is greatest love I'll probably ever have (love of my life will come second. FOOD.FOOD.FOOD), its a huge feat :D 

But also, my  hair is definitely suffering. I am washing my hair almost every day :( I love my hair, it never really gives problems if I oil it well and provide it with proper shampoo and conditioner- it stays super fabulous. But since working out = super sweaty stinky mess, I have to wash my hair. Its gotten drier and rougher, and I don't know how to tackle it. I am honestly considering a shorter hair length, but I love my hair too much to chop it away.

Suggestions? Help? How do I handle this annoying problem? 

*Letting the sweat dry away makes me uncomfortable, I can't stand stinky hair. Blow drying doesn't work for me either -_- *

And here is some fun motivation. 

*that ass!*

Source: Images are from various boards on Pinterest

Let me know how that workout is going! :) 

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  1. I am keeping up with my work out regime too, but I hate weights...1 hour cardio every day is all what do in gym. You have any suggestions for keeping cardio interesting?

    1. Opal! :) Okay so cardio is supposed to keep the heart beat up, keep your warmed up, muscles in fat-burn mode on. But just cardio won't burn fat, you have to build strength. Infact you will keep burning calories close to an hour after leaving gym if you lift/do strength moves 8) So do focus on strength :)

      About cardio, I am usually doing high intensity short interval ones with little breaks. You can try :

      Jumping Jacks
      Jogging - On Spot works equally great too :)
      Skipping - Double skipping
      Aerobics classes - it cant get boring! :D
      Plank Jacks
      Burpies - These are absolutely awesome, I love love love the feel. They tone abs and thighs too, plus your arms are getting a good workout.
      Boxing - this pumps up the heart rate and works legs at the same time. You can kick simultaneously for added effect :)

      Umm this is pretty much it. I am more of a strength and stamina and abs girl, so cardio ain't really my favorite :D

      I'll make a post for this Friday, may be :)

      Hope this helps!

  2. All the best Nami :) Hope we are going to see a super hot/sexy girl turning 21!!! <3

  3. Don't let the hair problems stop you from working out. Instead of shampooing everyday, use strong black tea. Wash hair, pour it through your hair making sure you coat hair and scalp well. Leave it while you work on your body and wash it all off!! You can use conditioner after that. tea is great for cleansing hair!
    Just a suggestion, I have dry curly hair and this works for me when I face the same situation ;)

    1. This works? I am so gonna give a try! Thank you, Abidha! You are a life saver <3


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