Friday 17 January 2014

Two years up and how!

You see, I have this trait. I listen to a new song ---> Hate it ---> Still listen to it a couple of times ---> Fall in love with it! Like LURVE! ---> Get obsessed with it, and listen to it on repeat ---> Hate it! after a while. And the cycle continues. This is why my brain acts like it has no clue about music when someone asks me, "Nam which is your favorite song?" and I am like "Errr ummm I listen to umm.." and zone out and weird them out -_-

Two years ago, I fell in love with this song - Life is a fairytale. It was this Barbie themed so girly-I-wanna-puke-eewww by Tiffany Giardina. And then I applied the above algorithm.

And these days out of respect, I try and not make faces when my sister belts it out with ear phones plugged in and no clue of she is assaulting my ears. Because you know why? It's my blog's freakin' name :D

Two years ago on the same day, I decided I needed an online spot to document my love for all things fashion, beauty, travel puke-puke! 

Two years ago by this time, I was fascinated by the world of beauty, the fabulous fashion blogs, puke-puke! 

Two years ago I decided I needed a blog, and I started this out of pure whim. You see, I had a blog before, I tiny teeny place where I would rant non-stop to six poor souls :D *Three of them were there 'cuz I had threatened to physically assault them if they didn't follow me on GFC*.

Okay so, two years ago, after I gained a little idea on how not to write crap *cough cough* but write what might *ahem* interest *ahem* the reader, I decided to life is a fairytale :) *from an year, its just .in*I decided I wanted to write about DIY home remedies, give people 'expert' opinions about cosmetics and grooming products, write some fiction because though you are in an engineering college, nobody told literature should die :) And then day by day, post by post, I made a little place for myself on the big bad vast internet. And people actually love and like what I write :o *with my little share of haters too!*
And it is by far one of the best decisions of my life :)

Though when I started this blog, I didn't really have the little idea I thought I had :P *Skimming through my old posts, you know, the very beginning ones, I want the floor to open up and eat me up! But then since I am in second floor right now, if the floor opens up, I will straight land in 1st floor and *dang!*, on the sofa. Umm, interesting!*

So anyway, I realized a while ago that two whole years passed by and I still love my blog, so much :o Like thanks to my short attention span, this is a huge feat, I get distracted so easily! -_- *Sometimes I am watching HIMYM and I zone out and start reading Femina :x Damn you, brain its like 20 friggin' minutes.*

Here is a big thank you, to all of you, really :) There are days when the hours have gone horrible, I am on the brink of breaking down and a mail pings me - a reader telling me how much I inspire them :) *pats own back, lifts collar*. And then I pull myself up and cook up stories for you guys :D Kidding, my life is actually this hilarious and my circle of people are in real flesh and bone, this retarded -_-

Thank you all of you - for reading my rants and ramblings, telling me when I am awesome, tolerating me when I am not so awesome, mailing me about your days and favorite songs, just being awesome and wonderful by default :) I could go on and on and on, but well, you have had enough for today ;) Look forward for years more of banter 8)

The giveaway got some amazing response and here are the two winners:

The first winner - to get the gloss and the bows - Amrita

The second winner - all the accessories - Bharathi TransitBeautiful

Congratulations girls, I shall mail you in a while :)

And umm, happy birthday to the blog may be? :D YAY, me! :)

Umm so, how you doin? ;) *Joey style!*

And here is a totally unrelated image.

I love someecards, hand on heart!

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  1. Congratulations... :)
    Happy birthday to Life is a Fairytale :D

  2. Happy birthday to LifeIsAFairytale :) :) :) I totally love you Nams and wish you grow in this field more and more :)) :)) <3 <3 <3

  3. Congratulations Girl !!
    Cheers to many more years ahead.


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