Sunday 19 January 2014

Fitness: Some motivation, some updates

If holidays are awesome in themselves, the ones you get in the beginning of the semester are awesomer! Especially when you plan mass bunks on Whatsapp group chats :D And its so epic when hardly few people attend the classes and nothing  happens in class - saving you from the disgrace of shortage of attendance , and you chill at home pinging periodically on the group diligently screening for any inputs from people if any, attended ;) Hence, so far, 6th semester seems good 8)

But still, the Friday fitness post got delayed and I am posting it today, apologies. Yesterday being my blog's birthday and all, I had to write a sappy post, know? 

Let me start with some motivation. For fitness inspiration, I always run to Pinterest and Instagram - the quotes get me going. But some day, while randomly searching for quotes on Instagram, I came across an account - @healthyitswhatilove. The profile picture was interesting and I skimmed through the account and boy, within minutes, yours truly was double tapping every picture. 
And right then I knew, this girl was awesome. 

I kept marveling at the transformation pictures and then reached the top of her profile again and it said '15 year old' and the nearest to how my face looked was a combination of ._. and o.o and O.o. 


She is such a source of inspiration, such a fountain of optimism and JustDoIt, she somewhere got me kick started to deal with my plateaued weight -_- 

What better way to say thank you than let you guys know about her? 

So to save you from all the weird-and-tough-to-make-faces, here is the story -

The account belongs to Melissa Silva. She is 15, *yes!!!!* and from Houston, Texas. In her own words, 

"As you may know, I live in a fast food nation where people like me can become unhealthy and be considered "fat". It really sucks knowing that you can never satisfy anyone, because at times you can be too "fat", or be too "skinny" when you lose weight (like me.) Seems like you can never really satisfy everyone! But who cares as long as you love yourself?

 Now back to my journey, I'm a 15 year old girl. It's crazy to believe, but I've changed my lifestyle completely to a healthy one. How? Well changing my eating habits, becoming more active, and thoughts. You're probably thinking why "thoughts"? It's because losing weight doesn't only change you physically, but it changes you emotionally as well! And you actually find the life you're looking for. Therefore, not only did I/we "lose weight/lost weight", but we learn to look at the mirror and learn to love what we see. 

Well I haven't exactly ever told my followers how my life was before my journey - which started on June 10, 2013. I used to be depressed, and so insecure of myself. I even went through bullying, was super close to an eating disorder, but still strove hard to get up and decide to be the best version of myself. So as I've said before, some days can be hard. We are all humans, and we make mistakes. But as long as we are trying and we keep going, everything is okay. 

To lose 60 pounds to this day,not only have I ignored every negative thought that came to me, but also worked hard in taking action. 

How action? Well by changing my eating habits to clean ones! Getting rid of the tasty junk food and greasy food. Believe it or not, eating healthy is the most important must of the whole journey. Even if it comes slow stick with it because progress takes time.The other special tool was to stay active. How did I do that? Well I went to Zumba every morning, then a month after I joined boxing, and then my tennis season came and I did that as well. Guess what? On days that I couldn't do any of those, I had one of my fitness best friends! And we did home workouts!! Even if it was just dancing around. 

Stay active for an hour 5x a week. Don't go with the 3x though starting small is good too. Get enough sleep & try to sit and decide that, from that moment, you will look at everything with a more positive feeling. I know it's hard, because you don't just forget your past and get happy the next! But I promise you that as you become healthier you become happier. <3 font="">

 They ask me where do I get motivation from? I get it from myself, and other people. The way I realized how we all CAN, and are CAPABLE of doing anything. In other words becoming who ever we want to be. It may be of others' progress pictures, but also just the fact that I wanted to love myself and not hate who I'm. Because I'm far from bad to ever hate myself. We're all unique and special in our own ways. Yet, I won't hide the fact that seeing my own progress or realizing others see it too, boosts my confidence everyday. Everyday of this journey of mine! This way to this very day I inspire and motivate others. When at the beginning of this journey all I was searching for was for motivation for myself. And knowing that I help others and not just myself warms my heart. I'll never say I have the most perfect healthy journey, because ofcourse, I have my cheat meals or days and I do feel insecure. But I stand up and keep going! I promised myself that I will never give up, and that I will live " a healthy lifestyle".

 So this journey of mine which is almost 7 months is just the beginning. I will help everyone if I can, and I will let my name Melissa Silva be known for that. I want to inspire and to prove to everyone who brought me down wrong. I know YOU can change, we all CAN, ALWAYS. And yes I still have and will always have this lifestyle, it's a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. "

Here are some more pictures:

And she is extremely pretty! ^_^

She will be launching her YouTube channel soon and I shall update you guys when she does.

So Mel, sweetie, I want you to know that you are truly, super awesome :) Continue being so and inspire a million more people - your super infectious optimism and the heart to motivate even a stone, keep it going love :)

Now that's the motivation part - you can follow her on Instagram - handle - @healthyitswhatilove

Coming to the update part, I started with Jillain Michaels' Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I was stuck at the same level though I was rigorously following the 30 Day Shred

Let me tell you, I started with it from 16th and I waited this long to let you guys know 'cuz I wasn't sure of getting up alive two nights in a row.

All I can say is - OMFG!

Its such an awesome, intense workout so completely aerobic, it gets my heart so worked up, so so worked up. I heard my heart go "WTF is wrong *sigh* with you, Namitha Kash*sigh*yap? *sigh* Do you p*sigh*lan on getting me *sigh* killed me or something, beaat*sigh*chhh?".

If anybody ever says as much as "He/she broke my heart :(" or "And my heart got broken into a million tiny pieces", I'll punch them in the face because one doesn't simply have a broken heart. Seriously, you wanna feel a broken heart, try the Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.

My heart positively thumps. 

No kidding.

I will review it for you guys as soon as I start seeing results. *Though I am already feeling the results, if you count the soreness in the muscles of my thighs and arms and core and bum* 

With this much said, I am wishing you guys a nice weekend :) Keep in mind to work for the body you want :) You don't get it by whining and bitching, wishing and looking, you get it by working your ass off. And that's the thing about fitness, it can't be faked.

I am retiring early to bed 'cuz I want to indulge in some Inferno.

*and more so because my bum is so sore, sitting is killing me!*


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  1. Those pictures are really inspiring!!! Keep up the good work, muscle cramps will ease once you get into a routine of doing these daily!! :) :)
    Thumbs Up! XOXOXO

    1. They sure are :) Haha thank you, Abidha :) I hope so too :)

      Have a lovely weekend ahead! XX!

  2. Oh my lord! I can't wait for your review on this one and seriously you are my fitness motivation for this year, i wait for your fitness posts and seeing Melissa made my eye balls leap out of their sockets!! now, that's a huge transformation and extremely motivating. please continue these posts. i love it! :)

    1. CC! You should join Instagram and follow her, she is awesome <3 I'll try and post every week, you go girl! 8)


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