Monday 13 January 2014


"Its okay Ma, I'll eat in canteen! I'll miss the bus if I don't start running now!", I was convincing my mom as I searched for my other shoe.

"Damn damn damn why does everybody's shoes stay in place except mine?", I cursed.

"May be if you keep them in the rack after you remove them, than tossing them away under your bed", my sister walked down the stairs holding the much in demand other shoe.

"Thanks, you are a darling!", I kissed her cheek. "..and your unpaid personal assistant", she grumbled.

"Consider it an internship", I giggled and latched the gate as I plugged in my ear phones.

Dodging street dogs that were just up, lazily shaking their bums, fitness freak uncles jogging away as if Miley Cyrus was twerking behind them, groups of aunties gossiping about their respective daughter-in-laws. Too bad bitching didn't burn calories.

With Britney Spears oopsing about how she did it again, I marched to my bus stop and spotted the very familiar yellow green bus sailing past my stop. My quick steps easily transitioned to the very practiced Usain Bolt run and I hopped into the bus, shielding myself from the menacing glares of the driver and his minion helper.

"But why don't you try coming just five minutes early to the stop, Nam?", Ritu made a face as she stood by the driver - her tired phone absolutely ready and alert to phone me in case I wasn't in the stop, like every other day.

"Every other day!", I heard him curse.

"Sorry bhaiyya", sheepishly I smiled at him.

His face softened and he started humming his favorite song.

All was well in the world again.

Running late was my trademark trait. I was always the last one to hop into my college bus, always the last one to walk into class and always the last one to fall asleep and obviously the last one to get off bed. It was not like I was late on purpose, okay? I would rather say other people were always on time.

"PHEW! Thank you so much!", I felt the voice, the warm breath and a tall figure hit my back - all at once.

I turned around to spit out the all feminist lecture of how guys should behave themselves and should stop falling over anything that resembles remotely female and how in India women just have to put up with this kind of menace every day and.

Oh the green apple. And mint. Okay there is definitely vanilla. Umm there's more mint.

May be this is how handsome smells like.

I stood there at the door, completely floored. Utterly, hopelessly staring at this hotness that was now two feet away from me.

He looked back with a genuine smile on his face. May be because I scared him with all the astonishment on my face on how any human being could be this handsome, his smile gave way to many question marks, exclamation marks and probably a little scare.

"Err", Ritu tugged at my hand and the driver began his interrogation on the new species.

"New admission?"
"Yes bhaiyya"
"Which stream?"
"CS bhaiyya, P..."

There is only so much a girl can overhear when her best friend pulls her away like she is a mad cow.

"And one that drools like one!", Ritu punched me in the arm as I continued with my failed attempts to get a glimpse of Mr.RidiculouslyHot from the back seat. You see, being a senior brings you added benefits of the comfort of last seats in the college bus, but it also takes away the bliss of staring at ridiculously hot new species.

"But he is so so hot! Its criminal to be so hot!", I begged my case as Ritu kept pulling me down to my seat.

As I struggled to keep my annoying long hair and my best friend's annoying hand away from my face and concentrate on the shiny metal surface in front of the seat I guessed Mr.RidiculouslyHot sat at, to get a glimpse of him, I was taken aback when he turned back and half smiled at me from eight feet in front. Mr.RidiculouslyHot wasn't in the front seats, but was in the middle ones.

"Oh crap!", Ritu exclaimed as she finally succeeded in pinning me down to my seat, "I bet he heard you drooling over him!", she half giggled.

"Oh well, I mean. He wouldn't have, may be he just turned around to wave and say thank you", I tried changing the subject. It was so embarrassing. Ehh.

And then I gave up pursuing Mr.RidiculouslyHot, now that he had probably heard me. Within five minutes, I had forgotten all about him and was busily writing an incomplete record that was due submission the first hour.

I looked up when Ritu waved her fingers in front of me creating optical illusions for a few seconds.

"We are in college ma'am, are you coming or not?", she demanded.

"Another ten minutes I'll be done", I peeped out of the window and waved at Arnav, her boyfriend religiously waiting for her, "you carry on", I winked at her.

"Okay, you come soon alright?", she gave a half hug to my awkward pose of record and phone in one hand and pen in another, and happily trotted away to her man.

I giggled at the puppy love and continued scribbling in the cursed record.

After eight minutes of racing my fingers through the paper, I threw back the stationery and books into my bag, pulled my hair into a messy knot and hopped out of bus.

But clumsiness running in my blood and the timings always going wrong at the right time, my bag decided it would be fun to push out all its belongings right at the dusty steps of the bus.

"Oh damn!", I sat down to collect a hundred things - bobby pins, tissues, pens, stickers, books, mint and..

"Hello, I am Dhruv", he sat down with me lifting up the fallen things.

But my mouth stayed there fallen, looking at the ridiculously hot new species.

"Umm thanks", I stuffed everything in, practically grabbing my things from his hand and got ready to walk away. The heat in my cheeks was rising. Honestly, what was up with me? Nobody had ever made me this tipsy and topsy and argh!

"Actually..", I stayed back as the new species spoke again. Please don't be smiling, don't be talking, don't be so ridiculously hot. 

"I am new to this college, umm, post graduate. Could you please help me?", the handsomeness hit me again.

"Yea sure! Umm", I gathered myself back as he started walking with me.

Birds chirped above and we looked at them, in ridiculous sync.

To be continued.

Part 2 - Less Ridiculous

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PS: This is a new story in parts. I don't really have anything planned as such, I'll build it around as I feel like.
PPS: Its fiction.
PPPS: Let me know how you like it :) 


  1. You have me hooked! When is the next installment? You should write a young-adult novel, you really should.

    1. Aaww Vivienne, thank you :) I was wondering where you vanished and here you are :) I hope you read 'Hopeless' :D

  2. You are amazing dear..Love your writeups....Inspiring at times

    Love from

  3. To be continued?? Oh no....I'm literally going mad now....can't wait for the next installment....

    1. Haha Abidha, it will be up soon :D Thank you :)

  4. I can already see a book release coming up :)

    1. CC! :) Like always, ever so sweet :) May be some time ^_^ But thank you so much <3

  5. Wow! You totally had me hooked! You are such a gifted writer!

    1. Aaww Maila! Thank you so much, doll :) I am so glad you liked it :)

  6. ok , now Im dying to see this ridiculouslyhot Dhruv :P
    its sooooo unfair that you didnt add his pic :P

    1. Hhahaha :D Its all fiction, Labani :D Part two is up ---> :) I hope you like it :)

    2. I know I know :P just saying..its bit difficult to get the idea how ridiculously someone can be hot , thats why :P

    3. Aaww! I hope you come across one soon ;)


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