Monday 20 January 2014

Less Ridiculous - (2)

If you haven't read part 1, here you go.


"So is everyday this beautiful here?", he asked, his eyes scanning the sun and the clouds playing peekaboo. The birds continued their flight away into the farther skies, unaware of a pair of eyes beyond a pair of glasses seeking them, and a pair of kohled eyes on the pair of eyes beyond the glasses.

While he was scanning the skies, I was scanning him. A mess of hair framed his forehead, some strands carelessly fallen on his eyebrows and inching dangerously close to his eyes over his glasses. I resisted the urge to discipline them. His eyes were lost in the peekaboo of clouds and sun up above. His nose was sharp, his lips closed. He had a strong jaw and the stubble was uneven on his face - a little more on the jaw line and around the corners of his perfect face, a little less on his cheeks. Sigh.

"Is it?", he looked at me straight in the eyes, a sweet smile on his lips.

I was a little aback from this rude intervention.

"Umm yea", my voice struggled to leak out. I was striving hard to get the right balance between not coming across like a retard, seem decently enough interested in his questions than in the mouth the questions came from and also, give appropriate answers than umm yeas laced with awkwardness. And I was simultaneously kicking myself for suddenly becoming so lame.

Because I didn't want to look like an absolutely socially awkward penguin, I started asking him questions after carefully framing them in my head and double checking them for their appropriateness.

"So you almost missed the bus today?"

I should have also checked the questions for stupidity.

"Haha yea, and thanks to you I didn't", he was really thankful.

"So is that your regular stop or did you chase the bus from another stop?"

In all honesty, what was I thinking when I asked him that? Idiot.

"No no, that is my stop. I mean your stop is my stop. I hope I can continue depending on you for hopping into bus on time, or in our case, just in time", he grinned.

Our case. Nice.

"Haha yea, sure, whatever", I rumbled nonsense. I had given up on coherent talks with this ridiculously hot species around.

"So bachelor of engineering yea? Which semester?"


"Ah! Which branch?", he was genuinely interested.

"CSE", I smiled back and hoped to God he didn't think it was weird. I mean I was smiling like Sheldon. Remember how Howard tells him they ain't going to kill Batman? I was smiling like that. Whatever happened to OhIAmSuchASweetiepieAwwwwBlush smiles -_-

"Hey nice!That's my branch. Oh no, I am in your branch", he said and laughed at his own joke, admiring himself.


By then we had reached the reception. Since it was my great responsibility to escort the ridiculously hot species to his classroom, I reached the notice board and searched for "CSE M.Tech 1st semester" and it read "Block B Lecture hall 3".

Right above my floor, straight above my classroom.


"So where's my class?", he asked with a child like eager. I could almost see him clutching to a Pokemon sipper with a hankie pinned to his shirt. Adorable. I smiled at the mental image.

"Right above my class", I withheld the grin.

"What's so funny?", he seemed amused.

I nodded a "Nothing" and lead him to the block.

As I approached my class, I could see my group of people. Such bad timings. The least I wanted now was faces full of question marks, mild hoots and aiiichs.

But the timings got to be wrong at the right time, always.

Praki's face was already splitting into two with a huge amused grin and a shade of prank. I menacingly glared at him with killer looks and silenced any hoots that were about to be thrown out. That served as a warning to the rest six and they stood there holding in everything that I was so scaring them not to go ahead with.

I steered left towards the stairs and the hot species followed me up the stairs.

Ten more steps after the stairs ended and I was in front of his classroom.

"So this is your classroom", I gestured.

"So it is", he seemed very happy for someone's first day with absolutely no friends. Weirdo.

"Well then, have a nice first day. Catch you later", I wanted the floor to break open and land me straight in front of my classroom. He was running me so tipsy, so topsy, so turvy.

"Yea and hey! I didn't get your name?"



"Namitha Kashyap"

"All right then, Namitha Kashyap, I'll bother you more this evening", he adjusted his hair.

Stop it you!

"Hey that's no botheration, and you can call me Nam".

I was so proud of myself for having told that with absolute no messing up of the words. YAY me.

"Well thank you so much", he extended a handshake.

"Pleasure", I held his hand and in the back of my mind, Miranda was all about how sparks fly like electricity.

Before I seemed like a total maniac who has never shook hands with a guy before, I extracted my arm back and spun around, hopped down three steps at a time, only to be greeted by my people. Oh boy.

"Who is this new hottie?", Ana was jumping up and down.

"Something seems like its cooking,", Lav winked.

"Don't bother my little girl, idiots. You tell me, okay? Who is this lost puppy you just showed way to? Aichness you both looked!", Harsh pulled me into his don't-tell-them-just-tell-me hug.

And Praki continued wolf whistling in the background. I smacked one on his stupid head.

"Nothing is cooking, okay? That lost pup is a senior, 1st year M.Tech. He comes in my bus. Or is coming in my bus from today. Now go to hell"

I was annoyed for no reason.

"Alright alright, don't bite", Praki made a face and returned the smack on my head.

And then we went to our class and everybody left me in peace as they met their respective boyfriends and girlfriends. Sometimes its such a bliss when your circle has the boyfriends and girlfriends in the same circle. It gives a lot of time to do productive work. Like think about ridiculously hot species. I reminded myself to call him Dhruv.

With the arrival of the first hour's professor, classes started full swing and until 1 PM, I had no time to think about him. I hardly took breaks between classes as I was busy completing assignment after assignment.

Deadlines in the organizer are closer than they appear.

I walked out of class laughing at some silly joke Praki was cracking like always and Dhruv walked down the stairs with his brand new group of friends.

My mouth fell down a little again and I lifted it back up. I had never crushed this hard on anybody, like seriously. I was one of those girls that values brains-and-hearts of a guy over looks and most times, friendzoned the nice guys. Plus, after a disastrous breakup, the general direction I wanted the guys to be was away from me. But this guy, somehow managed to get the butterflies in my tummy to flutter just by existing.

The green apple and mint and vanilla combination hit me again. Shaking away the million thoughts in my head, I deemed it safe to introduce him to my people, as by that time, the heightened curiosities were back to normal levels.

He smiled bright and seemed happy to see me. I think he seemed relieved too. Hehe.

"Guys, this is Dhruv"  "Dhruv, these are my friends. This is Harsh, Prakhar, Ana, Josh, Pragna and Lavya", I pointed to each. They exchanged customories and I stood there, not giving any attention to his brand new friends. I mean, he was so ridiculously distracting hot.

"We are on our way to canteen", I said after they all stopped chirping.

"Great, Nam! I am starving. Oh and this is Kiran, and this is Syed", I beamed an uninterested hello and then another painful hello situation occurred between my friends and his.

Just then, Bryan Adams started crooning Here I Am and Dhruv took his phone out.

"Just a second", and he strolled away towards the other end of the corridor. I was glad he liked Bryan Adams, something else I liked about him after his existence.

We stood there awkwardly waiting for him to come. Praki and the other guys were trying to run a convo with the brand new friends. We girls stood there, happily ignoring the men.

Small talk wasn't exactly my best trait.

After three full minutes, Dhruv came back and "Sorry. Let's go to canteen already? I am famished!". He stood by me with a very starved face.

"Yea", everybody said in unison and starting walking. Dhruv stood staring at his phone's screen and by the time he looked up, it was just me and him standing, while the friends were six steps ahead.

When I looked at his face as he lifted it up from the phone, Dhruv looked annoyed. His cheerful grin wasn't there and I was pretty sure of a wave of upset tiding up and down his face.

"Umm all okay?", I asked. I wasn't sure if I should be asking him that. For crying out loud, I had known him for what? Like twenty six minutes including the minute that was running past us right there? The amount of time I had spent with him in my head of-course didn't count.

"Yea yea no I am okay. My girlfriend can be taxing sometimes. All I want to do is go find a wall to bang my head against. I mean she is god bless her such a pretty darling but, oh! Nam, you poor thing, I am just rambling and going on and on and on I am so sorry! Lets go eat!"

"Oh, alright. Haha no problem. Lets go"

To be continued.
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