Wednesday 11 December 2013


It was a cold night, she was standing by the window. The slight nip in the air made her shudder a little. She closed the window and pulled the curtains. She turned around and faced the pile all around her.

She had to clear the pile today, there were too many new ones to make place for. And also, she didn't want to stuff the new ones without proper scrutiny, she knew the pain of fussy piles thrown in everywhere.

There were many many piles - some old, some younger, some made her smile, some made her cringe. Quite a few brought tears in her eyes. One of her favorites had fallen on the ground, unattended, collecting dust. Another was shining bright. So bright, it blinded her. And that, wasn't a good thing. She knew that.
Some of the classic ones, her all-time favorites were scattered together. Because most of them were old, they had little holes in them. She knew not to hold onto them anymore, they were old. Useless. Impractical. Out-dated. Out of fashion. Over.

She started tossing each of them into the trash can. Every time she took a fond one to her hand, and heart, it killed her. She almost decided to keep atleast a few, just for the memories. But then, irony of it was, the moment she labelled them 'Memories', they went into the pile of the ones that made her cry. And they, well, had to be discarded.
She tried hard, so hard to salvage the maximum, but then, when she peeped to the other side, there were new ones wanting her attention and care.

She sighed because she knew, she had to get rid of all the old ones.

They were all yesterday's feelings.

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