Saturday 14 December 2013

Maybelline Colorshow Ladies' Night 006 Review, Swatches

What comes to your mind when you think about 'Ladies' Night'? Shoes, glitter, lipsticks and glosses, champagnes, manicured nails, dainty gaits, high heels, air kisses, photos and posing, more posing? Pardon me, but for the souls that are currently undergoing the torture of VTU exams and semester end exams in general, 'Ladies' Night' just means philosophical talks about how life is totally like kernel programming. If you don't know it perfectly, like abso-fuckin'-lutely puh'fectly, you are gonna screw it up anyway -_- About how its pathetic that twenty year olds should go through the trauma of not-getting-output in ADA lab will affect one's perception about life in general, you know. I mean c'mon! You just sit there and stare at the damned screen that says 'Segmentation fault (Core dumped)' and you are so sure your programming skills are puh'fect, you can almost swear on your favorite peep toe stilettos dammnit! *deep breathe in and out. In. Out.In.Ou* Okay. So what does remain same is the new mani part. Even when zombie apocalypse happens and my head is seconds away from getting bitten away from a half crazed rotten ugly creature, I shall change my nail paint if its older than a week. And make sure my bestie does the same.

So, now that you have sufficient reasons to pardon me for the irregular presence and absence from the blog, let me safely review this bottle of cuteness.

Remember how I was lusting over for a blue paint in my wish list a while ago? Wishes come true! So the other day I was rummaging through my nail polish collection *which has gotten significantly gotten smaller over days. Note to self: Buy more colors, you idiot!*, I met this pretty thing. A while ago I had painted my toe nails with it. Since it was precisely what I was craving for, I painted my finger nails and did an accent trend, hello glitters :)

So here is the review!

Its a nice not-too-gooey-not-too-runny consistency which is easy to apply, sort of glides like that on the nails.  Even with one coat it is opaque enough, but two coats give a nice finish. It has a sheen by default, not matte no matter what. It stays for like three days without chipping, and then it starts fading at the tips. It can be easily removed with a decent remover, and no. No stains left behind.

So that's pretty much it. For Rs.75/- its a total worth it product, no complaints.

And here is a very interesting picture. I like taking shots of products from down, you know? It sort of gives them a character, and so much power. See? #SWAG

And while am at it, here is a self obsessed selfie. And a tip. Avoid taking pictures from an angle below your chin, I mean always look up at the lens or look straight. Brownie points if the lens is a little on a higher level than your face. It brings out the color in your eyes, gives you defined cheek bones and gives you a nice frame overall :)

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Let me know how you like it.


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  1. Its a beautiful color :) .. The shade looks beautiful on your nails and I liked the way you played with glitter there ;)

  2. WOW! Such a hot color <3


  3. you dint get out put in ADA lab :) ! Tee hee a few years back I dint get output in Logic design lab . I was effed up too :P I also went into the whole what does life mean mode and was that way the whole of the sem hols ! and then when the results came i just passed . It sucks that VTU always does this that too in the holiday season ! sigh !! Good luck for your exams ! :)

    1. OMG LD lab :D It went well for me :P MP was a pain, I still can't believe I cleared that damned subject -_- Hehehe VTU does that to us >:( Thank you so much, I hope they go well! :)


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