Tuesday 10 December 2013

Hello, December :)

Last night was nice, you know? Around 10 PM, I was done with the day. I splashed my face with warm water, washed away the impurities and the productions of over-active sebum glands, plastered my face with three inches of acne cream and made my bed. Then, I lay my head on my pillow and took five deep breaths. Then I woke up and sat. Then stood up.

AND BROKE INTO HAPPY DANCE FOR THREE MINUTES! *insert retard music and dance here*

The most evil semester of all my life just ended yesterday. WUHUUU! -_-

Honestly, if only I knew what I was signing up for when I did, I would have chosen a different life -_- How crazy can the deadlines get? :o Dear god, I have never wanted anything to end this bad. Though being one of the nice semesters with good grades and overall amazing leaps through various chapters of life, of making friends and getting the close ones closer, it did suck the life out of me in a good way ;) I can rant on and on and on about how hard working I have been these days, but I wont 8)

Why, you ask?

My second favorite month and season is here. *What? You don't know my first favorite month and season? :( You've got some homework to do here 8) *glares with nerd glasses on**

Okay so, since December being the month of nostalgia and looking back and all that, I love it for the chill it offers. What can ever beat the joy of being ultra lazy in your bed, reading Cecelia Ahern, watching the New Girl and marveling at how Jess and you could totally be best friends forever? ^_^

Here is a lust list for my second favoritest month of the year ^_^ *How I miss those days of non Grammar Nazi 'cuz everybody only knew so much Grammar -_- *

1. More sweaters

Ofcourse. I own like half a dozen in various colors, but I can't accept the fact that I don't own a pullover in pink, or a knitted sweater in white/cream/grey/that pretty color that girls all over Tumblr and WeHeartIt wear. Shopping, wait for me.

2. Statement Necklace

I found this in one of the random pinning sessions and boy, have been lusting on like from forever! You like?

3. THIS pair of shoes

Something about this shoes makes me smile, you know? Its so Jess, so me ^_^ How adorable is this ^_^ *swoons more*

4. Blue Nail Polish

I am not much of a blue nail polish girl, neither am I more of a follow-fall-trend girl :o But this color has gotten me all psyched up and now I am searching for that perfect blue. *Oh the troubles of the perfect mani-pedi. Sigh*

5. THIS bag

If I were to fall in love with a bag, I would be married to this by now. Period.

So that's pretty much it for this month :) I can't believe it, I am happy with no more wants :P

How is December treating you? Let me know now, okay?

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