Thursday 5 September 2013

Winners are...!

*cough* *cough* *rubs eyes*

Hello from my bed people! *cough*

Bangalore weather has this awesomeness. See the meme here.

So yours truly is down with cough and cold. Not too intense, but enough to make my nose go red -_- and face look funny. Icky stuff. Okay no grossness. 

So that explains the absence and the little continued absence. 

Anyway, the Dual shine giveaway has ended and here are the winners. I am so sick of the dummy and fake entries, I am considering no more giveaways. Or may be I am particularly grumpy today.

Anyho, *trumpets and bugles*, the winners are! :)




Congratulations girls! :) I'll mail you in a while. Please revert asap :)

I get back to blogging in a couple of days, so miss me till then :) 

*Blows virus laden kiss*

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  1. hey you, the one with the cough and the cold. get well soon :) and congrats to the winners

  2. OMG I won!! YAY!! I am on cloud 9 :D Thankyou so much Namitha & Dualshine :)


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