Sunday 1 September 2013

My Shopping Experience at

Yesterday I was at the Orion Mall window shopping with my bestie :) She wanted an ethnic wear for an event, so it was a RMKV, Soch, Jashn evening. I found this super beautiful lehenga - it was pink and blue. From that moment, I have been having a sudden urge to be get married :o I mean there is no sign of anybody getting married in my family, and I really reaaaaaaally, like desperately want to go buy some ethnic wear.

But then I remembered my college ethnic day will be happening in a couple of months.

I have been wanting a chiffon saree. I know how it should be - white saree, pink border and blouse. I know how the blouse should look like too! I have decided on jewelry and shoes too. Oh and the makeup is finalized.

I only have to buy the saree :P

So I started Googling the specifications and ended in, reminding me of the long pending post -_-

I recently shopped from and here is my experience :) started off with customisation and now its a full blown online shopping portal. It houses apparels, shoes, bags and more for men and women. The collection of accessories, cosmetics and perfumes for women is fabulous too.

The wide array of items have been categorized based on brands, types, occasions and more. There are styling videos, trends, an option to save your wish lists too. I bought Maybelline Hooked on Pink, its any day my favorite lipstick! ^_^ And Garnier BB Cream. I have to try it, what being a beauty blogger and all. *lifts collar*

You might be surprised if I say I fell in love, like in pink-fluffy-clouds-floating-around-jazz-in-background-chill-in-the-wind-pink-bokeh-effect-kinda fell in love with the men's collection of tees! I mean seriously! Its so unfair that guys get such a great, quirky, abso-effin-lutely fun collection of tees :\

Definitely check out the tee shirt collection.. I bought two of them, resisting the urge to raid the whole damn section. They have already gone for alteration, and soon, they'll be my favorites ^_^ I mean why are guy teeshirts so comfortable? *amazed face* Now we all know where my tee shirts are coming from.
Keep in mind to get them atleast two sizes smaller 'cuz they are HUGE.

I think the women's tee department requires similar teeshirts. Quirk and fun gets chosen over sweet and daisy like almost every time, atleast in my case :P

Overall, I had a good experience shopping at They have a lot of offers and discounts going on. On signing up, you get discount vouchers too :)

Here are some of my favorites :


How very pretty!

If only my brother was old enough, I would buy it to him ^_^ 

Have you guys shopped from Thoughts? Let me know! :)

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PS: I was provided with a discount voucher for review purpose. My opinions are honest, hand on heart. 


  1. Totally agree with you...Guys T shirts are all quirky...And ours are mostly lovey dovey types.I had no idea Myntra stocked such quirky T shirts....And Those earrings are really very pretty! I am gonna look into it! :)

  2. I have an easy solution for that - I borrow my boy's tees ;) I think they look better on me than him!

    1. hahaha good one! And way to go... :)

    2. I dont have one from whom I can borrow -_- lucky you!

  3. wow those guys tshirts are sooooooooooo lovely ! I feel like screeeammmmiiiiing !
    And want a post with ur pics wearing those tees ! soon ! pleeeease ^_^ :)

    1. Hehehe :D Sure doll, I got them altered, will put up soon :)

  4. Have shopped from Myntra a lot I like their collection/stuffs! those tees are so cute:)

  5. Those shoes look so amazing!! I have had some good shopping experiences with Myntra too!! Also, since you mentioned ethnic wear, I am now in the mood to do some ethnic shopping too!!

  6. hey could you do a review on the lipstick....please m thinking to buy my first lipstick! :-)

  7. hey could you do a review on the lipstick....please m thinking to buy my first lipstick! :-)


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