Sunday 8 September 2013

Anne French Tender Care Review

Kaam waalis are such an integral part of life :o There, I said it! Mine hasn't come from four days and today, after I stumbled upon chocolate wrappers and landed straight on my bed almost breaking my nose I realised it! I mean my room looked like it was robbed :o So, after spending an hour keeping everything in place, I ended up clicking pictures for product reviews too ^_^

Here I am reviewing Anne French Tender Care hair removal set.

Lets see what the company has to say about the product :)

We would like to share launch of a revolutionary concept in Hair Removal Creams in India. Anne French Tender Care is a revolutionary hair removal kit, with Easy-on Applicator and Skin-Polishing Sponge.

This kit is launched to make the hair removal process much more easier and convenient. The hair removal creams are messy and cumbersome to apply and remove. And, I must say this unique Anne French Tender Care convenience kit simplifies the entire process.

About “Anne French” brand: The pioneers in launching of hair removal creams in India and market leader for more than 4 decades. The brand is trusted by millions of consumers and I am glad to say that we will celebrate Golden Jubilee next year!

About Anne French Tender Care – Shea Surprise: It’s a new and improved formulation from house of Anne French. The objective is to offer safe and gentle crème for tender teen skin.

Natural Ingredients:

The new formulation has real aloe vera gel and shea butter for skin benefits. As per scientific study, post depilation the skin becomes 3X softer.

Exotic fragrance:

The fresh and soothing green tea aroma to uplift the senses.

Unique Convenience Kit:

· Easy on applicator – for “hands free”, “no mess” application

· Skin polishing sponge – removes unwanted hair gently and faster. Also exfoliates the skin…. Now it’s time to say Goodbye to old age spatula!

Gentle formulation:

Anne French Tender Care is a gentle depilatory crème, which is dermatologically tested and proven to be safe on skin of 14+ years old. The safety study was conducted by Scientific Research Agency and also approved by Clinical Trial Association of India.

The cream is thick and white and comes in a tube. It has an easy applicator and sponge. This makes application super easy as you just have to put on the easy applicator and squeeze the product out.

It takes around four minutes for it to give proper results.

There is no itching or drying of skin. It doesn't burn either.

The tube is travel friendly and doesn't spill out. The sponge makes it so easy to clear the mess!

It has enough quantity to last for at least three uses.

The best part is the no mess thing, you know. There is absolutely no mess, no reason to spend minutes wondering about the pain to remove it all.

So would you give it a try?

Let me know! :)

PS: PR sample. Honest review, you know me. 


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