Monday 9 September 2013

Oh September, please be nice :)

Last evening I went to watch Chennai Express and boy, was it fun or was it fun? :D I dont care how people say Deepika's accent is fake. I mean c'mon! Meenamma is definitely fun. And I have caught up with the weird Hindi now ;) So, wish list late hui, aap adjust karti? Vokay?  *Non Hindi people, its all Deepika being Madrasi. Google for more, Wiki has a page, I think ;) *

So September is here, so wake me up when it ends. Okay.Fail.

Hmm, so its already 9th of September, but virus filled homo sapiens will be pardoned okay? I'll get back to proper blogging and all from tomorrow -_-

Here is what I am wishing for this September.

1. Tassle blouse

There is this strange new obsession for me - ethnic wear. Tassle blouse being the latest. Add in Meenamma, and you have got a girl crazily obsessed with sarees, half sarees and lehengas and stuff - I have a wedding board on Pinterest for crying out loud when I am like forever alone :D Anyho, this blouse is what I'll design mine after, so beautiful! ^_^

2. Polka Dots

Trust me when I say polka dots have a way of growing on you :o I hereby accept, I am obsessed with them.

3. Tattoo

I am wanting one, at my wrist, or my ankle may be. Some cutesy word or a bunch of birds may be. Or slang in unreadable font. My mom vehemently opposes tattoos though. Apparently, the guards at heaven will have serious problems letting me in if I go with marks on my body :o I was like, "Wait, what makes you think I am going to heaven? Hell was full so they sent me back 8) My seat is reserved there okay?". Its another thing that my smart ass comment made her force me to touch the sides of my cheeks with my fingers multiple times to apologize to heaven guards. I mean mom, we are cool. Those guys know I don't have a chance there :0 Anyway, tattoo? No tattoo?

4. Vacation

Yea, its not even a month of college and I need a break -_- GOAAA! I am coming baby, I am coming! I know its been too long. LDR sucks baby, I know. I'll be there.

5. Ranbir Kapoor/Stefan-Damon Salvatore

Elena, GTFO them, beatch! >:(

*Eyes shut tight and wishing*

6. Shoes.And.Clutch.In.Tangerine

This has to be my fastest, most instant wish ever. One look and I am sold.

*starts browsing for them online*

So that is it for September. I am pretty damn content already!

Oh and I found this abso-effing-lutely quote online and have been thinking non stop all evening. I mean isn't it so true? Love shouldn't be mediocre :)

After all, all we need is a little love :)

That's it, folks :D how is September treating you? :D

Image: All are from Pinterest. I no claims any ownership -_-

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