Tuesday 20 August 2013

To brother, with love.

He is mean to you, he makes you want to punch him in the face. He keeps an eagle eye on all the other XY chromosomes that interact with you. He WILL know when you have a boyfriend. He will push the poor guy through stringent quality check measures. He will give him an hour long lecture on how to behave with you. He will shoot him in the head when he breaks your heart.
And sits with you, consoling your broken heart. He will pick up the trembling pieces and put them back to where they belong. He will abuse the guy even after an eternity.

He will check your inbox and call history. He will glance through your FB newsfeed and run a CBI inquiry on all the recently added guys. No, he won't tell it to daddy when you stray. He will bring you back on track in his own special way, and you'll know it.

He will teach you Physics, he will teach you Chemistry. He will know when your chemistry is in trouble. He will handle accounts for you. He is your informal ATM machine, chocolate dispenser, soda boy and punch bag. Oh, and he gets currency done to your phone too.

He will smile a sheepish smile to you when he gets a girl. He will secretly smile big when you gel with her and go shopping. He will burst with joy when you both gang up against him.
He will be extra sweet to you in this time period. More currency, more chocolates, no checking your inbox and call history.

He will love you in his own special way. He will probably yell at you, say mean ass things and hurt you. He will make you hate him to make you understand his point of view. When you don't listen, he will give up. And still keep a watchful eye on you. When you finally understand your mistake and go back to him, apologize with tears in your eyes, he will tell you its alright and take you back like nothing happened. Or not.

Bonds aren't always by blood. Some are brothers from other mothers. Some come into life by accidental pranks.
Accidents happen.
And then walk away. Even after they walk away, they'll still remain 'cuz they never really did walk away. They'll stay in your life because you can't hate them, they'll stay in your life 'cuz you love them so much, your chest aches.

Even if you don't exchange words anymore, even if you don't 'exist' in each other's lives anymore, even if situations bought in distances between you, even if it's been several days that you told him how much you love him, do it today. Put your ego aside, cast away the differences, and tell him how much he means to you. Tell him you miss him so much, tell him you miss his bike. Tell him you miss the good mornings and good nights. Tell him how you know that brother is not just a word.

Tell him you love him.

Because love fades, relationships end. Partners become strangers.

But affections remain and brothers are forever.

Today its Rakshabhandan. Its a day to celebrate the sibling-ship, to celebrate the bonding between a brother and sister. There is a historic significance too, but I won't get into it.

I have always wanted an elder brother. I have an younger cupcake, but I have always always always wanted an elder brother. Elder brothers are just so awesome. I have had my share of fabulous elder brothers, rather a fabulous elder brother. I love how beautiful a relationship it is. And I cherish every inch of it :)

Here is a collage I made, and a little prose poetry to the awesome brothers of the world.

They are the ones that are the meanest to you, they are the ones that kick the asses of those that are meanest to you  They'll fight with you, make you want to tear your hair, make fun of how you walk in high heels, share food with you, sssh you after you cry for too long and hold you when you tremble  They are the ones that love you while yelling at you, they are the ones that take it upon themselves to take care of you. They are the ones that say, "You know what he is? HTC". They'll listen to you sob for an hour and then say, "I really don't know what to say. Don't worry babe!   " End of the day, they are the only ones that will still love you despite the silences, end of the day they are the only ones you'll love no matter how screwed up anything is 

Here is to all the brothers that are oh-so-effing-annoying-and-yet-so-loved!
 So glad to have so-freakin-many-kickass-brothers in life 

Condolences to all bro-zoned guys 

Oh and this is my cupcake here, poser fellow!

The winner of the Auravedic and Life is a Fairytale Rakshabhandan Giveaway is Farhat Sultana :) I'll mail the winner in a while! Congratulations, doll :) You can check the result in the link above. 

Rakshabhandan wishes people, keep the brothers safe while they keep you safe :)

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  1. I don't have any brothers, but my cousins and I are real partners in crime ;)


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