Sunday 25 August 2013

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I don't even have to apologize for missing in action, I had informed you guys. Its pre-final year, baby. :D  Okay so now that I am a little settled and gotten back the hang of getting five and a half to six hours max sleep a night, and surviving all day with enthusiasm that stops dropping around 9 30 PM and makes me cranky, I am back to blogging too :D

Let me dive straight the topic now okay? We all know pretty damn well, don't we? This is one of the online portals that I often shop from. The dresses, the shoes, the accessories and more.

I placed an order on an evening, and at almost the same time the next evening, the package was at my door. I couldn't help but tweet it away ;)

I bought a pair of super adorable green flats with golden tones but alas! It was three sizes too small -_- Look how adorable it is! I was ready to give it away to sister, but it was still too small.

So I contacted the customer care for an exchange. Exchanging in online portals can be a pain, trust me on that. But I was in for a surprise here. The customer care call went smooth and in ten mintutes, I had placed a request for exchange, and another pair of shoes.

Within a day the courier guy was at my door to take my cutie flats away *sob*. And in another couple of days, my new shoes were home :D *happy dance*

They whole exchange process went smooth with no annoying calls/conditions. It was as easy as walking to the SA and getting an exchange.

Happy me! :)

There are fabulous offers going on there and I think you should definitely check them out.

Flat 50% Off on Women Footware

Upto 70% Off on Women Sunglasses

Upto 60% Off on Bags

Upto 70% Off on Women Clothing

and more ;) head to the website for all the fun. I promise you'll get tempted and splurge a little. But that is okay, 'cuz its all so worth it ;)

I'll be posting about an interesting and super useful, much needed tech post next ;)

Oh and yea, there will be more such fun posts for Watch out ;)

How you doin? ;) *read in Joey's voice*
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PS: I was provided a voucher to shop for. My opinions are honest, hand on heart. 


  1. I have shopped like thousand times from there that the GoJavas courier guy gets so frustrated of delivering products twice/thrice a month:P
    and yes the return policy is very nice too :)

  2. IKR?! I have made friends with the GoJavas guy :D Hi5! I love the return policy :)


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