Sunday 25 August 2013

How to Install and Activate Whatsapp on iPad and iPod without Jailbreaking the devices

We all have wants, we all have needs. Its the basic human tendency, to want something that everybody else has. Sometimes we can't get them, sometimes we do. When we can't get them, its usually because the platform doesn't support.
Yea, this happens when you are wanting Whatsapp and your phone is Bada 1.0 >.< And then you get an iPad but alas! Its iOS 6.1.3, and Whatsapp ain't supported on iPads. *Its supported on iPods by the way. Why? Why because Fcuk Logic :\ *

Okay so the only options I had for getting Whatsapp was:

1. Buy a new phone and it got cancelled out the moment I thought of it.
2. Jail break.

I wasn't very fond of jailbreaking 'cuz I want iOS 7 this fall :D And 'cuz the iPad doesn't support sim card and works on wifi only, I don't carry it everywhere.

After breaking my head for over three weeks, I finally found a solution a couple of days ago.

Yes, it it possible to get Whatsapp without jailbreaking.

Here is a tutorial.

What all you'll need?

1. The iDevice you want Whatsapp on (iPad/iPod)
2. An iPhone
3. A valid telephone number
4. iFunbox
5. A very good friend who is okay with a couple of uninstalling and re-installing, and backups of Whatsapp data :P

Here we go.

1. Go to iTunes and download Whatsapp on your PC. Yes, to your PC. It will get saved as a file with extension as .ipa. I have downloaded from other places and no, it didn't work.

Here is how to locate the files:

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion ---  /Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
Mac OS X 10.6 ---  /Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/
Windows ---- C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\

2. Download iFunbox. Connect your iDevice to PC and open iFunbox.

3. Select 'iFunbox Classic' and click on Install App. Find the folder the contains Whatsapp and select it.
Wait till iFunbox tells you that it's been successfully installed.

4. Disconnect your iDevice.

5. You can now find the Whatsapp icon on your iDevice. DO NOT open it.

Now how do we activate Whatsapp? If your device is jailbroken, go to Cydia and install it. Else, follow the steps below.

1. You'll need an iPhone. Your very good friend matters here. Uninstall Whatsapp from iPhone. (You can take backup using backup apps or store on iClouds)

2. Download Whatsapp again on the iPhone from iTunes.

3. Now, activate it with the number that you'll be using for Whatsapp on the iDevice. A verification code will be sent to that number, verify and activate.

4. Connect the iPhone to your PC and launch iFunbox. Again go to iFunbox Classic and select 'User Applications' under your iPad's name. Select Whatsapp from the list. In the dilog box, you'll find folders names Documents and Library. Copy them to PC.

5. Disconnect the iPhone and connect your iDevice. Go to iFunbox Classic and select 'User Applications'. You'll find Whatsapp folder and the same two files named Documents and Library. DELETE them. Now, copy and paste the the two folders to the dilog box that you previously saved from the iPhone.

I faced an error here. The Library folder from the iDevice just wouldn't get deleted. So, I manually matched each folder and file present in the folder that I obtained from iPhone with the ones in the one on the iDevice.

The aim is finally end up with all the folders/subfolders/files of iPhone on the iPad.

6. Now your Whatsapp is activated and ready to use on the iDevice. YAY!! :D

7. Oh and your very good friend can uninstall and reinstall again for her/his number.

Things to keep in mind while doing this.

1. You'll need the iPhone. Files/folders from Android won't work.
2. Do not open Whatsapp right after installing. The error of 'Sorry, your device is not supported' happens.
3. When that error happens, just repeat the process :P

8. Thank your oh-so-awesome very good friend :D Manushree, thanks doll :*

EDIT: I don't have the files and folders from iPhone, do not ask me. Ask your real world friends.

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