Wednesday 7 August 2013

Mint-O Ultramintz Review

Imagine this :

Its an evening date. The girl looks all princessy and the guy is classy. Its an arranged marriage, so there is this awkward phase. You know like "Hey look our parents have sent us together so we are okay with each other, and then we will get married and have cute kids". But still, they want to impress each other and come across like demi Gods. *What? People don't do that? Don't tell me!* So the guy is a total sweetheart and ends up winning her heart and gets sold to her ^_^ And then romance peeps by ;) The guy pulls her into his arms and when he is about to plant a kiss on her cheeks, the girl shrieks 'NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' and pushes him away :o The guy is all worried and has a million questions.

 I mean, what happened right?

If the girl was me, she would have pushed him away because his breath stinks -_- Let me tell ya, I am VERY particular about how a person smells. I, for the love of God, can't stand stinky people. Its such a huge turn off :o I mean there are like millions of deodorants starting from as minimum as Rs.100! Please invest in one people! You know what else I can't stand? Bad breath! I.JUST.CANNOT.STAND.IT. CANNOT. I am the type of person that might not smell good always, but never smells bad :P

So when BlogAdda offered Mint-O Ultra Mintz for review, I applied and received the package :) I fell straight at the packaging. So adorable!


Well the mint pellets are bright white in color and come in a case. The case has a tiny opening so only one or a maximum of two pellets come out. The mint vaporises in the mouth giving, well, the mint effect!  They are tiny and have a strong peppermint flavor to them. Mint-O says that the peppermint oil has been imported from France. Impressive. Also, the menthol is of top notch quality.

They have substituted my regular mint from a few days and I must say I am really liking them. A single pellet is enough to freshen up. Its cooling and stays so.

My daddy used it and he is liking them too. I received two cases and one of them is with daddy.

Guess what? They are sugar free! There you go, no fear of calories. #DietOwes

Here is the ingredient list:

Sorbitol (INS 420), Lubricating agent - Magnesium Stearate (INS 470) and sucralose.
Contains added natural flavouring substances - Peppermint and Menthol
Polyols may have laxative effects
This contains sucralose. Not recommended for children.
No sugar added in this product.

It costs Rs.50/- for 12g and contains 60 pellets. Value for money, I think.

I liked the mints. If you are anything like me, you'll like it too!

Thoughts? :)
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PS: I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda. I am honest, hand on heart

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