Wednesday 7 August 2013

His girl

It was 5 that evening when he logged out of his computer. Her photo in his cubicle caught his attention when he stood up to leave. A pretty face with a huge grin. Oh and the twinkle. Lots of twinkle in her eyes. He smiled as fond memories came rushing. She always had a side profiled, wide grin on her face. It had been a real task for him to capture her candid moments. She never posed for the camera, too fidgety and restless to freeze a pose for a moment. Yet, he had a collection of such precious times - her thinking face, her scowling face, her lost-in-thoughts-face, her contemplating-on-life face. She was his muse. His camera and the eye behind it had always loved the bundle of energy in the pretty skin. A wave of hair would always fall  on her face, fringes careless on the forehead. A minimum of two colors would always be in them - bold, in-your-face colors. Her petite frame would be in careless shorts, mismatched shirts and flip flops. She was not the type of girls that would cry over broken nails. She was the symbol of grunge. "Retarded grunge", he chuckled.  He sighed as he remembered the moment that photo he was looking at right now was clicked. 

When he stepped out, it had started drizzling. Not wanting to risk a drench, he took a cab to reach the cafe. At the end of thirty minutes through maddening traffic and rain, he reached. He paid the cabbie an extra twenty rupees. With the back of his palm against the rain, he took swift steps and entered the cafe. 

As he scanned the busy cafe for a table, he couldn't believe his eyes. He stood there frozen, looking at the package of cuteness waving at him. Sleek, straight hair framed her face. A string of pearls adorned her delicate collarbones. A hint of pink on her lips, and a lot more pink on her cheeks, she was every bit of a beautiful portrait. Not trusting his own eyes, he waved back and walked to the table. She stood up and pulled him into a bear hug, he noticed the stilettos. 

"Wow wow wow! Who is this?!", he chuckled. 

"Just me", she smiled.

The retard grin had given way to a beautiful smile. 

Two years had made a new girl of the girl he had bid goodbye with tears in his eyes at the airport. The grunge girl was gone, this girl was classy. 

He felt the familiar tug in his heart when her fingers entwined in his. He looked at her from the corner of his eye. 

"What?", she bit her lips as they curved wide. 

"That one remained back, I see", he teased.

"Yea, and the girl on the inside", she grinned wider.

He held her in his arms and looked out. The rain drops were racing on the window pane. They originated from a source, and broke down into many as they slid down. They looked different, but were still composed of the same elements they were born with.

Just like his girl :)

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PS: This is an image inspired post. A good friend clicked it *don't ask me where*, and its been haunting me from the day I saw it on his page. I don't think I have made justice to the image, its just so beautiful. I mean black and white photos are so classy! They capture the essence of life with no color. Head to his page and hit likes you guys, he is not another guy with a DSLR! :D The guy has an eye for beauty :) And you know me, this girl ain't impressed easy ;)

Photo Credits: Kishore K Ramesh Photography

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  1. Loved this story, just as much as all the others. Is this set before the age of the internet, though ^_^ ? That thought Just popped up...when I read it for the second time ;)

    1. It is :) I didn't mention it anywhere because I want readers to have their own view and decipher it the way they want to :)


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