Saturday 16 June 2012

Know me NOW!

Hello there! :)

This is the page I was talking about in the giveaway!

In the comment section, tell me about yourself -- your blog, links, anything and everything you want to share! :)

Please mention your GFC name :)

All the very best! :)



  1. Hey this is such a nice idea!

    Well, hope you know me by now :P
    My little blog is crying for your attention :P :P

    1. Hehe :P We do know you are a sweetheart :) good luck!

  2. hiee... This is the first time i've come across such a idea.. Its great
    Well my name is Shruti Shetty..
    I shifted from Pune to mumbai about 2 yrs ago to pursue my MBA...
    Will be going back to Pune hopefully by the end of this year.. YAYYY.... !!!
    I love beaches and only chocolate ice-cream :P
    I have a sweet little lab and she is the love of my life :)
    No blog yet.. Hopefully wil start writing one soon :)

    1. Hey Shruti :) Welcome to LIAF :) Thank you! :)
      Aaww that is so sweet :) Hope so too :)
      Sure, start one and let us know :)
      Good luck :)

  3. Hi... umm.. what to tell.. :P
    okay. I am Akanksha Chawla!
    I've completed engineering and now wud pursue a job in an MNC.. enf of the interview.back to normal stuff :P
    so I love blogging. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. love to tease my frnds.. n get laughed at.. spend time wid family and fight with them all the time.. like my day is incomplete w/o it :P
    nowdays.. my day is also incomplete w/o fb as im jst waiting fr the joining date..
    so well.. I love getting clicked.. and did I tell you that New York is my dream city and I Live to EAT... last two lines sums-up ME :P

    My Blog link- u can click on my name above.. and I hope you read my new post- similar difference as well! ;)
    n follow me on fb too.. pls :P

    Lovely first giveaway! :)


    1. Glad to have known you Akanksha :) Keep visiting! :)

  4. Hi..i'm Tenzin J Yangzen from manali..a going to be 3rd year delhi university student..
    To be damn honest..i dont blog at all..but i do read blogs and reviews to stay updated on trends..
    As every other girl..i love latest fetish is rings and collar shirts..i love my boyfriend(tenzin) and he keeps me busy most of the time *blush*..our first names are same..hehe..
    I love colours..i love lip colours..and nail paints..and above it bags..!!
    Phew..guess i should shut up otherwise i wont ever stop.. :-P and i hope i win..want the gifts damn bad..not lucky with giveaways though :-(

    Great talking to you..
    Take care..
    GFC name-tenzin yangzen

    1. Aaww that is such a cute intro :) Same first names is cuter ;)
      Ditto with all the 'I love..' stuff :P
      Good luck sweetie :)
      Lets hope your luck starts getting better from here ;)

  5. Hi,
    b name..
    Well like evry other girl...I love all the girly stuff!

    I like blogging just like you:-)

    Love all things pink...completing my graduation ...and hey I live in Bangalore too:P

    I am more of a twitter person, love everything in 140 char:) ....I like your fb page name..."life is a fairy tale"..very cute..I too believe in fairy tales, dragons and good men:P

    Love reading novels( sidney sheldon n Harry potter)
    Your style of writing the exactly the way I seem to talk...
    lol..I think I have almost told u everything!

    Nice to connect with you

    My blog links: &

    PS: I am totally in love with you blog template<3

    1. Hello there fellow Bangalorean ;)

      Now that is interesting,a lot of things in common :)

      Glad to have known you Najm :)
      Thank you very much, all the best :)

  6. hi!! m shourima. m a fashion designer, m from bombay!mad about make up & all thing beautiful!
    I love rains! m bday is next month! hope i win! lol
    i love is the link
    do visit me.
    gfc- shourima ghosh

    1. Hey Shourima :)
      Glad to have known you :)
      LOL all the best :)
      Thank you sweetie, sure I'll be there :)

  7. Hello, again :)
    this is cute.
    Well, I started my blog as an extension of myself. I used to blog earlier about random other things but when I saw how fashion blogging was doing, I thought it was a great opportunity to promote my creativity through it. So here I am in all my glory. I am a bit slow with the fashion aspect of my blog but I try to put in as many good reviews on products that I come across on a daily basis. It's just that sometimes studies and work and life gets to me and then I don't find time to blog as much as I would have wanted to. I am also technically challenged so I can't do up my blog as much as I really would have loved to. I have a different idea of what it should look like and that's not what it is at right now lol but am so happy with it because I get to meet nice people like you and can chatter away on like-minded things. It's like having another social network in here. Don't you think it's awesome to meet new people in here. I think it's fantastic and freeing :) Other than all this, I am a medico trying my best to save lives and help as many people as I can in the process. I always need caffeine ;)

    1. Aawww :) The template aint that technical also :P Just play with the sliders for a while and you'll get it ;) Lemme know if you need any help, I'll be glad to make one for you :)
      You are a medico too? THAT IS SO GREAT!! LOT docs are blogging, YAY! you :)
      Glad to have known you, you are real sweet and warm :)
      Caffeine and me, not so much ;)

  8. LOL even I get withdrawal symptoms when I'm away from blogger!

  9. Hey I M supriya :D
    I too HAVE now succesfully completed first year of engineering :D *SAME PINCH* I m in a "will be 19 in a week age" :D <3, love SHOPPING its my addiction, love all girly funky pink stuff, mad about soft toys but hey who doesnt love those stuffs, i like reading FICTION and LOVE STORIES.I like to watch movies , hang out, trek, dancing, scrap booking(trying out this hobby for the first time :D), nails paints, cute pics. I am mad about FRIENDS , Supernaturals, Big bang theory, How i met your mother, etc etc serials .They keep me glued to the chair until the episode or season is over :D
    I would love to know you and your blog better :D Hope to win this Giveaway
    GFC name: Sups/Supriya( hey i really dont know which one to tell i singed as supriya but it appears as sups )
    P.S. Your guys is super duper cute and Hot :D lucky girl <3

    1. You do talk a lot :D I am so happy I am not the only one ;)
      Sure follow me and you'll know ;)
      Aaww yea he is, my hero :D Love him to bits! *Blushes* :P
      Goood luck with the giveaway sweetie :D

  10. Hi Namita, I'm Shilpa and my blog is called Our External World. I started blogging sometime in April this year and I'm loving the journey so far.
    I blog about makeup, skin care, hair care and paingings that I do. I have also tried my hand at nail art and even though I am a newbie the girls have really appreciated my nail art tutorials.
    Here is a link to my blog
    There is giveaway going on so you may wish to enter it too :)
    Hope you like my blog and join it soon.
    GFC: Shilpa Gandotra

    1. Hey Shilpa! :)
      Glad to know you! :)
      Sure, I'll be there and join :D
      Good luck :)

  11. Hey Namitha...This is Yendrilla Sengupta from Kolkata.... an Electronics Engineer :)
    Sounds like I am studious right??? No no I am not at all... :D
    Well I love dancing and singing and the most important thing I am most addicted to is MAKEUP...I am a makeup maniac :) I have quite a few of them..So I thought of reviewing products in my blog..I had started this blog few years back bt never thought of reviewing products..I used to write about myself..But now after getting inspired I have started reviewing products..I am new to it.. :) do check :)
    Name of my Blog : I AM SHE
    My final semester is over..I have completed my studies and looking for job now..But at present nothing to do at home, so getting bored..I check your posts regularly and get inspired by them...Thank u so much for such a lovely blog...
    GFC : Yendrilla Sengupta

    1. Another engineer on the block! :) Welcome! :) haha no, I love introducing myself as a CSE engineer ;)
      Oh I did check and I am following you, you 've lovely blog sweetie, good luck! :)
      Thanks a lot :) I am glad to help!
      Namita <3

  12. Many congoz n much love to u..u've come a long way in such a short spen..yet WAYYYY to go.Before I say something about myself..lemme tell u why I'm addicted to LIFE IS A FAIRY TALE--> I love fairy tales n I love Pink :)Ur writing style,ur bindas attitude,ur novelty n yes ur guy:P..I like all of that!
    Now coming to myself-
    Name- Aditi
    Blog's Name- Budget Belleza
    Blog Link-
    GFC- Budget Belleza
    Following u on bloglovin n networked blogs..almost everywhere except personally ;)
    Love reading..though I don't aim to cover the best sellers..its like anything that interests me..Currently reading "Tea For Two And A Piece of Cake" by Preeti Shenoy.
    Trained teacher and an MBA..Currently a full-time Mom and a part-time Blogger :)
    Much Love:

    1. Aditi :) :) So glad to see you here di :) thank you very much! :)
      Do you know you made my day with that comment?!
      Aww I know you are a full time mom, I love your brat ;)
      Thank you very much! :)
      Alll the best to you di :)

  13. Hey!! My name is Lavanya. I am a software engineer by profession from Hyderabad, India. I love meeting new people and interacting with them and I definitely feel blogging is a nice place to get to know so many people. I follow a lot of cooking and beauty blogs as these two things interest me. I myself own a cooking blog and its going good. I am currently hosting a giveaway too. Do participate if you like it.
    Your giveaway is nice and I hope I win :)

    My blog link :

    1. Glad to have known you dear :)
      Sure, I'll be there :)

  14. Forgot to mention my GFC name above. Its Lavanya :)

  15. Hey how r u doing ?
    This is bhawana here. I dont have a blog but i love to read other ppl's blog and sometimes even do guest post ..when i get time :)

    I love nature and photography ..

    1. Thank you so much for joining in Bhawana! :)

  16. Hey :) I am Nupur (GFC name also) && imma new follower of your lovely blog (:: I'm from delhi/ncr and a final year engineering student in electronics n communication.
    *Fav Quote: Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit - by Napoleon Hill*
    I sing, take pictures <3 LOVE animals, rain, floral prints, babies, color pastels, my besties, making everyone smile n so many awesome things ^.^
    All dats above and beneath u, reconnects somehow .. so just trust in something greater. Thats all i'l say, for nw ..
    p.s. your blog is Ah-Mazing ᵔᴥᵔ

    1. Glad to have known you Nupur :)
      EC engineer? Big brains :D
      That is a lovely quote :)
      Thank you very much for the meaningful intro Nupur :) I am so glad you typed it down all :)
      All d best with the giveaway sweetie :)
      PS: Thanks again :)

  17. Hi, I'm Marianne...a relatively new reader of your blog ! I'm 21 and I love anything to do with words and languages, and recently, makeup. :D I don't have a blog...I started one around four years back but never really got around to maintaining it. My GFC name is Marianne. :)

    1. Welcome to LIAF M :) I would love to know incase you decide on blogging cuz words + make up = good times :) Good luck sweetie! :)

  18. Hi.....Everything on your blog is so innovative. I regret that I had not come across your blog so far. I am getting stuck to your page.
    Well, Introducing myself, I am a Software Engineer, a working mother of a one year old girl, and very well stuck to all make up colors. :).
    GFC name, chandana Tantri.

    1. Aaww Chandana thank you :) I am a Software engineer in making :) That is so cute! :)
      Glad to have you here :)

  19. Hi There..
    Well call me Sangy (short for Sangeetha). I was into Human Resources till i was asked to quit by my doc(due to pregnancy). I love jewelry and il do make some like mostly bracelets when am in mood!! I love photography, love to read fashion mags and romantic love storlies. Am at-home for a 4 half yr old kid, cooking and baking is my fav thing apart from blogging. Crazy about nail art, i love to collect polishes apart from fancying a lovely shopping for myself anytime............
    GFC name ~ justsangy
    Blog ~

    1. That's a lovely story :) You do make wonderful nail art :) Welcome to LIAF! :)

  20. my name is vandana choudhary,i am 24 years old,i graduated from kamala nehru college,new delhi,now i am a homemaker.i love participating in gfc name is vandana choudhary

  21. hi i m Prerana
    basically i m from Bengal(kolkata) nd a Marwadi , married a guy of diffrnt caste(love marriage) nd now i m in Deoghar :)
    at first i just use to read blog post by evry blogger, nd thn i got inspired nd created a blog too suddenly nd named it " Giveaway dose ", nd this is how it came into existence 4 months bak :) nd i started posting abt all giveaway's
    GFC: Prerana kedia

    1. Aawww! ^_^ Welcome to LIAF! :) Will check your blog soon! :)

  22. I'm veda kashyap..... I hate beauty blogging, used to love it. Cannot tolerate it now. But me reviews are a 100% honest and brutal. I prefer reviewing books and writing recipes now. I'm a music lover.
    I'm not a fan of anyone.
    I don't follow a blog fanatically.
    I read posts if they are good. And I am critical of posts that are shoddy.
    My blog is although I am not sure how long i will have it.
    I just finished my first giveaway.
    That's all.
    GFC name veda kashyap

    1. This must be the most honest intro ever! :) I am glad to have known you a lil Veda! :) I have visited your blog before, but couldn't figure out how to follow you :O Hearty welcome to LIAF! :)

  23. GFC name is Sayuri. To be honest I don't use my blog right now. I used to use it for my cross stitching things but I am not interested in stitching anymore so I am going to start making my own nail polish for fun. For me and my daughter to have~ I am a stay at home mom of 4 kitty kids and two children. I read, write, and play video games besides going crazy with my son and daughter who are pratically twins lol. She was born 11 months after him hehe. I do plan on making my blog that I have into my polish blog when I start making them. My name might also be giggles for gfc. For some reason it gave me two names... Not sure how to fix that.

    1. Welcome Sayuri, that sure is an interesting name! :) Aaaww so adorable! :) So let us know if you relaunch your blog :) Welcome to LIAF! :)

  24. Hi Namitha !!!

    I am Vaidhei here a Chartered Accountant by profession and a professor and chocolatieur by hobby.
    View my blog at :
    My chocolate website:

    Glad to see ur lovely blog !!

  25. i liked ur post for the lovely pictures

    1. Glad to have known you :) Welcome to LIAF Vaidhei! :)

  26. Hi, I am Bidisha Banerjee. I am 22 years old and I am from Kolkata. I have completed my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication and pursuing my MBA in Kolkata. I love reading story books and singing. Glad to be a part of your blog and to enter your giveaway.
    My Blog url is :-

    My GFC Name :- Bidisha


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