Monday 26 August 2013

My Experience at the Four Fountains Spa

Multiple tabs open on Google Chrome. 'Jeene laga hu' playing on the iPad. Two people on phone in the adjacent rooms. Three records to be completed before hitting the bed. A mild headache running in the background. Chipped nail polish to be removed, and fresh nail polish to be applied. Oh and deadlines to be met - course projects, case studies and internals. Posts to be scheduled and comments to be replied to.All this with maximum of six hours of sleep, two hours of drive through annoying traffic and honking each day.

Welcome to my life :D

Its not like I hate it or something, I definitely love my life! But I could do with a little less stress. Or more stress management -_-

So when Four Fountains Spa invited me for a complementary service at one of their branches, I practically jumped at the opportunity. I reached the branch at Jayanagar on a drizzle-y afternoon and then I don't know what happened until I came out.

Here is what I can recall  ^_^
So when I entered in, I was welcomed by the super, super peaceful and calming ambiance. Lemon grass fragrance. Check. Candles. Check. Smiling, courteous staff. Check.

The profile filling! 

They are paranoid, trust me :o

The ambiance instantly calms you down ^_^

You are welcomed with green tea and water as you settle down :)

Its wonderful how every effort is put in to make the guest comfortable and start the process of de-stress.

A doctor took my stress check and guess what? Yours truly has moderate stress levels -_- She asked me to get proper sleep :D That IS the cure to all the stress :)

From the wide array of spa treatments - you can find them all here - I chose a facial. I wanted a facial that would add some glow, remove grim, dirt and the summer tan -_-

The skin analyst suggested that I take up the rejuvenating facial and boy, I am so happy I listened to her ^_^

The facial lasted for one full hour - cleanse, massage, black head/white head removal, steaming, application of face mask, steaming, final cleansing and moisturizing. All these repeated in various orders a couple of times and voila! Say hello to happy skin. Trust me when I say, my skin has never felt this good. No tingling, no burning, no dry feel. Just super soft, plump and CLEAN skin. I couldn't stop touching my skin that day :D I was glowing ;) ;)

Here is a picture with zero editing. I have blurred the corners, there is not a speck of makeup on my face. It was four hours after the facial. *Excuse the quality though, Insta pic!*

*I miss this skin now :( *

I am not saying this because it was a complimentary service, I am so going to be a regular for the facials. My skin has improved so very much. The blemishes are lightened, the tan is gone *though there is brand new tan, courtesy college :\ *and there are no break outs.

This was probably the best therapies I have ever had.

Trust me, just go get anything and everything possible. Its worth every penny and you wont regret it ^_^

*Enters zen mode at the mere thoughts of the spa and another facial*


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  1. Superb experience. Love the pic, you are looking as fresh as a daisy :)

  2. you look so happy and fresh...even I have been to Jayanagar branch....:)

  3. i have never done spa or any beauty complimentary service cuz i was very skeptical about it, but ur post has elped me a lott to go for one... u r looking so fresh naturally... :D

    1. Haha thanks! Trust me when I say its worth it :) skin feels lighter :P

  4. Wow.. Its look like great.. I never visited the spa but now after looking certainly I am going to plan to visit spa.. :-)


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