Monday 6 May 2013

the dove summer guide

Summer Guide – Beauty tips on how to stay cool and refreshed this summer:
Summer is a tough season for your body. Hot, humid, dusty, dry and sweaty, it makes you uncomfortable physically and robs you of confidence internally. Dove knows that when your skin feels beautiful & nourished, it allows you to express yourself more openly & confidently, because when you feel confident in your skin, it shows in your body language. To overcome this summer heat Dove treats you with beauty tricks to stay cool and refreshed.

Beauty tip 1: Deep Nourishment never felt so fresh
Cucumber extract is a naturally hydrating substance and also provides vitamins and minerals that enhance the complexion and adds a glow to your skin. It has a cooling after-effect that soothes and rejuvenates the skin. Dove’s Go Fresh Nourishment lotion provides the goodness Vitamin E and Potassium that gives you the best nourishing care with the hint of the freshness. 

Beauty Tip 2: Plenty of water + Dove’s Go Fresh Nourishment Lotion = beautiful skin
Water is an age old cure for all skin concerns. Make sure to include 8 glasses of water a day in your beauty regime. This helps your skin stay radiant throughout summer. In addition don’t forget to apply Go fresh lotion with advanced Deep Care Complex which is a combination of natural skin nutrients and essential oils that nourish skin deep down while delivering superior care for all skin types and needs. It is easy to spread and is absorbed by the skin to instantly hydrate without making you feel oily.

Beauty Tip 3: Keep Summer Skin nourished without any sticky feeling
In summer, sweat, air conditioning and excess sun exposure can all lead to dry skin. Go Fresh Nourishment lotion gives your skin that nourishing care you need without any sticky feeling.

Beauty Tip 4: Dove’s Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion replenishes moisture after shower and prolong coolness
Travelling in summer can leave you feeling sticky and dull. Taking a shower makes you feel cool and refresh but your skin dries out more easily after shower because the natural lipids are washed out. Applying Go Fresh Nourishment lotion right after the shower helps replenish lost moisture and prolongs freshness.
Beauty Tip 5: Use Dove’s Go Fresh Nourishment Lotion on pulse points to keep you extra cool
There are number ‘hotspots’ on your body – your wrists, back, feet and elbows that require extra nourishment. If you apply Dove’s Go Fresh Nourishment lotion on these ‘hotspots’ it will not only nourish your skin, but keep you extra fresh in the hot summer.

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  1. Hi Namitha, I loved your article and the way you have explained so beautifully the different aspects of the moisturizing lotion. Do you write reviews for other moisturizing lotions too? Recently, I read about parachute summer fresh body lotion. Do you or have you done a review on that too?

    1. Hey Preeti this is a press release :)
      Yes,I do. There is one Garnier body lotion and a Clean and Clear moisturizer review :)
      I haven't done on Parachute yet, will try doing soon.

      Thank you :)


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