Sunday 5 May 2013


When I first met you
You were just a random guy
The next time I met you
You were anything but a random guy.

I told you my deepest secrets
The secrets that were to be buried deep down, never to be known
I told you my greatest regrets
The regrets that stabbed me inside and out, the ones that broke me down.

You gave me love
You gave me faith
You gave me hope
'Everything's gonna be alright'.

You thought me love
You thought me lust
You thought me life
You made me trust.

You put back the twinkle in my eye
You pulled my cheeks and made me smile
You held my hand and walked a mile
You held me tight and made me alive.

You kissed me hard and breathed in life
And smiled that smile..
Ah! The megawatt smile.

And here we are at a loss of words
Nothing to talk, nothing to share
Ego clashes and smart games
Nothing of love left to claim.

But I shall not break again
For you thought me to build myself from ashes
I shall not break again
For you told me, "Baby, you are precious".

No matter what happens
No matter where we end
Even if our paths become one
Or if away, they bend.

You'll always be my hero
You'll always be my harbor
You'll always be loved
A part of my heart, will always be owned.

I'll remember you when it rains
I'll remember you when it shines
You'll always be in my thoughts
For the nuggets of your thoughts.

I'll cherish your voice
I'll cherish your breath
I'll cherish your laugh
I'll cherish your warmth.

Oh and the smile.

The megawatt smile :)


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  1. u made me cry reading this:( i wrote something like this once, posted it on my other blog!

    1. You don't have to feel bad sweetie :) Some people aren't just meant to be in our lives, they walk in to teach and once they are done, they go, that's all :) It's okay to lose people, even if its a lot of them :) Don't make me feel bad by being all sad now :P Let them go :)

  2. YOu left me out of words... Kuddos to you girl! WEll written... Full of emotions - pain - love..

  3. wow, that's a powerful poem, doll. just straight from the heart

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you Prettyness! :* IKR? Everything happens for a reason :) Thank you so much, that was very sweet of you :* <3

  5. Awww :) Sweetest thing I came across:)
    It's lovely :D


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