Wednesday 8 May 2013


It was the last night for her in her old apartment. Almost every thing was packed into neat boxes, sorted and labelled. She was moving to a whole new country, unaided. Supported and yet so alone. The packing had taken three solid weeks, a lot of friends were by her side - helping her pack and unpack, keep the wanted and trash can the unwanted. Every object had a memory stringed to it. It had killed her to throw them away, but well, the old had to make way for the new. Now that it was all over, she sat down to scrutinize the bits and pieces, for extra baggage is surely frowned upon. She took a last look at the last traces of her old home, her old self. Or rather, her real self? She didn't know. A certain peace engulfed her, a peace like the silence after a heavy rain.

It was time to move on, it was time to be new.

A new life lay ahead of her - new surprises, new challenges, new butterflies.

And this time, she promised herself to be there for herself, no matter what :) For she wanted to be the heroine of her life, not the victim.

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